Let the World Know: Journey From Alpha to Rebellion:


Morning Splinters of all the communities on Hive,
How was your week?
I had a wonderful week on Splinterlands. I am participating in the current social media challenge to share with joy my journey on the Pretoria Land.

Discovery of Splinterlands

I heard of the game on the Steemit platform four years ago. I was not really crypto-learned at the time. I had my doubts so I waited one year before buying my first pack in the Beta set. I saw immediately the potential of Splinterlands, so I was eager to invest more money in the game. Despite my willingness to invest my geographical location limited my access to purchase BTC or other crypto in 2018.
I read a lot of articles on finance and took the time to self-learn about the crypto market as well as my way around the ecosystem. I got an unforgettable support from the Splinterlands community through giveaways and Challenge. I built slowly my assets in the game until I could invest more in 2020 with Binance.


Duration of Participation

I've been playing Splinterlands for more than four years. I have earned cards since the game was operational on Steemit. I had the opportunity to join in 2019 a wonderful Guild Alliance where I got many friends.

Time spent in Splinterlands

I don't know how to stop playing after I click on the Battle rank button. If it was not for the limitation of battle with energy resources, I would be playing for 5 hours per day. I have to mention that I play discontinuously during the whole day. I tend to keep playing for 3 hours daily since I returned to the tournament section to have fun on the battlefield.


Splinterlands taught me so much on the battlefield that I could rank in Diamond I during a season. I have never been in the Champion League, but I earned decent rewards through my progression in the game. I always do my best to reach the finale in the Gold League whether it is in the Modern or Wild format.
The brawl achievements for the ALLIANCE guild show interesting performance. My guild ranks regularly in the top 5.

Upcoming goals

My plan for the coming weeks is to purchase as much as Rebellion packs available to start in a good position when Modern League opens only for Rebellion cards. My second goal is to accumulate more SPS tokens so that I can reach 50k by 2024.
Chaos Legion packs are cheap right now so I will purchase more packs and Hodl around 100 packs for the next six months. I have no idea if the cards will play a definite role on the land either way it is a valuable asset to add to my stock of assets.

Advice for beginners

The gamer who just joined the game must ask questions on the Discord, telegram or Hive official channel. There is so much to learn that I will recommend staying in touch with the community for a more fun evolution in the game. You need to set a list of goals in Splinterlands to avoid being overloaded with information and investment proposals.


The pack presale of the Rebellion set has got so much attention that buyer risks finding themselves locked out.

I am currently gathering funds to enter my fourth wave of 100-pack purchases during the presale.

If you have not yet read the details about the event, please take time to scroll through this article Officieal

My journey in preparation to bulk purchase another 100 packs is going to be real in a few days.

You can find the past review of my 200 pack purchase Here

How many packs at minimum are you going to purchase before the end of the event?


The 100 packs of Rebellion give a bonus of 5 packs so it is interesting to bulk purchase over 100 packs in one transaction. I have 315 packs of the Rebellion set in my wallet and I hope to reach 420 packs before the end of the presale.


splinterlands cool image.png

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Rebellion Edition is almost here. Enjoy the current Splinterlands Social Media Challenge

I invite you, dear readers, to share in the comment section whatever suggestions or questions you would like to ask.

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