Dragon Elemental / Weekly Battle Challenge

Peace Dear Splinters,

The challenge battle of this week has a diverse touch in it. The Splinters may choose any monsters they want to place in the arena at one condition there are dragon elemental part of their teams.

I really got excited about this week battle challenge so my first try in the ranking battle was the right one to submit as entry.

Battle Ruleset:

1 . Heavy hitters

2 . Mana limit 40


The lineup of the cards in the arena

My opponent lineup aligned cards on the board that correspond to the fire, neutral and dragon elemental in the following order:

  • Goblin mech Lv6 Gold Piercing Stun

  • Gold Dragon Lv3 Flying, Heal, Blast

  • Battle Queen Lv5 Tank heal

  • Flame monkey Lv6 Repair

  • Lava launcher Lv5 Close range Stun

  • Pyromancer Lv5 Blast


Here is a description of my team lineup with my favorite dragon Summoner

Summoner: Daria Dragonscale

  • Robo dragon knight Lv2 Void, Divine Shield, Piercing

  • Twilight basilisk Lv 5 Reach Stun

  • Pelacor bandit Lv7 Sneak Flying

  • Venari wavesmith Lv3 Protect

  • Tower griffin Lv5 Flying protect

  • Sand worm Lv6 Sneak Snare

My stun strategy worked very well because barely two monsters in my team were defeated until the last round.


My Battle Challenge LINK

My strategies

The combined effect of knock-out and stun ability is so powerful in the case your melee attack monsters can strike first and not miss. I have placed the Twilight Basilisk and Sand Worm in the team to assure that the most effective offensive strategy will succeed in this match. I knew the opponent will try a similar trick so I strongly protect my team cards with Venari and Griffin.

Did my strategy work?

Yes, my strategy worked as described with the key element played by all Melee attacking monsters in my team. However, the opponent could have gained superiority in this battle if he rather chose melee monsters over the Gold dragon.

If you are interested in the current contest, please get more information concerning the battle challenge shared on a specific theme Dragon monster, Splinterlands Weekly battle challenge.

Do I often select Dragon monsters to fight in the arena? why or why not

I often select dragon summoners in my battle as long as the ruleset favors my strategy around the Dragon cards. I may confess that I play more Daria than Delwyn but both summoners are the highest and the earliest leveled summoner in my collection of cards since I started my adventure in Splinterlands. The Chaos legion Rewards series has so many interesting dragon cards that Twilight basilisk got my attention as well as many Djinn cards.


Thanks for the battle challenge curation team. My lineup team selection was based on offensive strategy due to the battle ruleset.

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