Contest // Chaos Legion cards Delegation // Twice Weekly #55


Happy Splinterlands season.

How was your engagement in the arena since the start of the season?

Even though it is time to secure more assets during the current season, we have rank battles to enjoy.

We are back at the right period of the season in Splinterlands. Your delegated cards will surely impact your season finale coming in less than a week. It is a great opportunity to send your entry in the comment section. Many surprises are waiting for the lucky winners.

I realized that a system of Delegation organized with players can be fun. Also, It can help players strengthen their lineup in the Novice or Silver league. Also, the cards add collection power to the delegated account as the contest evolves after weeks.

I will randomly select in 24 hours six winners that have chosen six different cards from the presented illustration in this article. The delegation of the six cards to the winners for a period of three days.

I invite you to keep commenting because there will be a second random selection of six winners excluding the first laureates.

The rules are simple.
Introduce in the comment section

  • Only one entry per player for the complete duration of the contest
  • One preferred card in this article per entry
  • Mention your Splinterlands account if it is different from your Hive account
  • Share one recent (less than 7 days) Splinterlands battle link


Tool for the random selection

The First and Second groups of winners in this contest will be announced in the comment section of the current article.

I wish you, all the best.

Contestants have the choice to enter a notification list, so they will receive a notification next week as soon as the new edition is released. I propose that you mention your desire to be notified in your comment.

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If you don't want to get further notifications, please let me know in the comment section.


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