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Beautiful day to you Bloggers on Hive.

How are you doing Splinterlands warriors?

I hope you had a great season so far. Your battles in the arena are surely fruitful and in support of your campaign objectives.

The Splinterlands directory has passed hundred of Splinterlands contests, delegation, and giveaways-related posts.
It is time-consuming to search links after links and look for the right post among hundreds of contests published daily.
Splinterlands players have the opportunity through the list published in this directory to participate in diverse rewarding Splinterlands activities organized on Hive.




So, I thought that I should share and maintain an updated directory of multiple contests or giveaways, or raffles posts related to Splinterlands here.

The participation of the reader in keeping this list up to date is encouraged and will help this project reach the community objectives.

I fought about a "tag" that can help easily identify articles similar to those in the table below.
I invite authors to suggest a better tag or to use #splinterlandsgiveaway in the list of tags before submission of the post.



Here we go...

N.ReleaseTypeAuthorsPost Title + Links
1 .NewGiveawayArc7icwolfGaming token lovers giveaway 4
2 .NewGiveawayBernardinettiSplinterlands bernardinettis giveaway 015 free card
3 .NewGiveawayCaptain-barabosaMy favorite tools for splinterlands or gold foil exploding rats giveaway
4 .NewGiveawayChubb149Splinterlands season rewards nft giveaway
5 .NewGiveawayCryptochromaSecond splinterlands giveaway with runner
6 .NewGiveawayDubbleDubble s splinterlands giveaway 3
7 .NewGiveawayDudeonthewebSplinterlands silent sha vi giveaway and 500 sbt tokens
8 .NewGiveawayFallen.angelsResultados del giveaway ronda 11 or distribucion de tokens or actualizaciones
9 .NewGiveawayFreegiftsFreegifts giveaway 12 en de
10 .NewGiveawayGregory-fSplinterlands blast from the past reward card giveaway 55
11 .NewWeekgiveawayHodlihugeRare card giveaway
12 .NewGiveawayHoffmeister84Splinterlands card giveaway 25
13 .NewWeekgiveawayKojiriKojiris week giveaway special card every sunday 277
14 .NewDailygiveawayKryptodennoDennos splinterlands giveaway 3 monsters a day 365
15 .NewGiveawayLuizebaLuizeba s splinterlands giveaway 0099
16 .NewGiveawayM0rphSplinterlands card giveaway 222 win
17 .NewGiveawayMvl2304Rare cards raffle 9 do you feel lucky esp eng
18 .NewSplinterlands-giveawayNocturySplinterlands beta card or hsbi giveaway raffle 28 ende
19 .NewWeekgiveawayNocturyChoose one of two not so common splinterlands cards or 1 hsbi raffle 24 ende
20 .NewGiveawayNummulNaga assasin giveaway
21 .NewGiveawayPardinusWeekly card giveaway 8a18ee02ff82b
22 .NewGiveawayQueen-silviaNaga brute the most underrated dragon tank monster giveaway 20
23 .NewGiveawayRelf87Free card delegation round 37
24 .NewWeekgiveawayRzc24-nftbbgA legendary card and a 20000 leo delegation
25 .NewSplinterlands-giveawaySentiplSentipls splinterlands giveaway 52
26 .NewWeekgiveawaySpeedtuningTips to getting some dec with peakmonsters
27 .NewWeekly, contestSplinterlandsSplinterlands art contest week 202
28 .NewWeekly, curationSplinterlandsSplinterlands weekly curation challange aug 16 2022
29 .NewWeekly, contestSplinterlandsShare your battle weekly challenge venarispellsmith
30 .NewGiveawaySplinterlandsSplintershards sps ranked battle rewards and governance voting
31 .NewSplinterlands-giveawayStever82Splinterlands town hall recap and 2000 dec giveaway rgqu1p
32 .NewWeekgiveawayTobias-gA final reminder woo rewards with 70percent apr for hp delegation launch this friday
33 .NewGiveawayVasupi15 guess the ruleset empty the prize pool en de rgm4g2
34 .NewWeekgiveawayXabiGetting ready to welcome rift
35 .OldGiveawayAlexis666Choose and win giveaway 54
36 .OldGiveawayApeofwallstContest 1 no limit prize pot lets build up the hype
37 .OldGiveawayArc7icwolfGaming token lovers giveaway 1
38 .OldGiveawayArieruzzzzSplinterlands art contestweek 200 cornealus
39 .OldGiveawayArtbymilaSplinterlands contest byzantine kitty
40 .OldGiveawayAsdfghjkiraaaCrazy keyboard kiras splinterlands giveaway rgm227
41 .OldGiveawayAsdfghjkiraaaCrazy keyboard kiras splinterlands giveaway winner rghu3m
42 .OldGiveawayAtbui89Splinterlands battles contest gold card giveaway 9
43 .OldGiveawayAurikan5 different pelacors this is like getting a straight flush xd
44 .OldGiveawayBala41288Games that give me income on hive
45 .OldGiveawayBananofarmerDinero juegos weekly giveaway engesp 28 shimmering waters
46 .OldGiveawayBarefoot488First giveaway 1 for splinterlands players
47 .OldGiveawayBelemoSps getting listed on huobi is huge
48 .OldGiveawaysBlitzzzzDiary of my splinterlands journey week 38 giveaway inside genesis league soccer could become the next big thing
49 .OldGargoya-lion-giveawayBoycharlieplaysGetting ready for the new splinterlands season
50 .OldGiveawayBratakaSplinterlands art contest week 192 countess sinash
51 .OldGiveawayCandnpgSplinterlands giveaway and brawl report
52 .OldGiveawayCandnpgCheck out giveaway 3 for a chance at gold
53 .OldGiveawayCaptainquack22Finally getting enough band members
54 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayCarlosroMy participation in the tournament clove71 twitch giveaway live stream
55 .OldGiveawayCimmeronTips and tricks for getting started with peakmonsters part 2
56 .OldGiveawayClove71July 4th splinterlands live streamed tournament with a gfl giveaway
57 .OldGiveawayCostanzaPlay2earn or getting a pre nerf advantage splinterlands and clash of streamers
58 .OldDaily,giveawayCryptofilozSplinterlands quest giveaway win free card round 1013
59 .OldGiveawayCryptoniusraptorFlash reminder free chess tournament april 3rd at 9pm gmt details for entry and prizes inside this post
60 .OldGiveawayDadspardanGetting a legendary card for my daily rewards and is there a opportunity here
61 .OldGiveawaysDailygiveawaysEng de phantom of the 118028dbb2a9
62 .OldGiveawayDailygiveawaysSpirit miner level 1 34
63 .OldGiveawayDamoclesartSplinterlands art contest bloodimir and noir
64 .OldGiveawayDarmst5339Splinterlands spring training tournaments and super mega raffle
65 .OldGiveawayDarthsauronGiveaway special weekend giveaway 02
66 .OldGiveawayDarthsauronGiveaway win the gold be
67 .OldGiveawayDesicValentines day giveaway results oresp or engor
68 .OldGiveawayDonald.porterLegendary harklaw splinterlands nft up for grabs
69 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayDonald.porterGold foil chaos knight up for grabs
70 .OldGiveawayDotz132Day 142 well getting low
71 .OldWeekly,giveawayDrazeusWeekly card giveaway post rfwvmd
72 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayDudeonthewebSplinterlands venari heatsmith giveaway and 500 sbt tokens
73 .OldGiveawayFelipejoysBronze top battles studies delegation 24fa84c0cd72b
74 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayFishbone08Signing off to splinterlands and last giveaway
75 .OldGiveawayForkyishereWhich game nfts will you prefer to be given away
76 .OldGiveawayFranzugorEng spa art contest splinterlands or dark enchantress or franzugor
77 .OldGiveawayGenmingResult of my first giveaway
78 .OldGiveawayGiocondinaSplinterlands art contest week 192
79 .OldGiveawayGungunkrishuSplinterlands why i bought chaog legion cards pack finally got a surprise can you guess it
80 .OldGiveawayHatdogsenseiFocus chest rewards splinterlands giveaway 5
81 .OldGiveawayHenrucGoodtroubles s twitch giveaway live stream tournament my first tournament
82 .OldGiveawayJacksonizerHow to join splinterlands weekly contest
83 .OldGiveawayJfuji5600 dec giveaway childseeker s
84 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayJim-cryptoThgaming community posting competition prize pool worth 40 dollarhive 7 days to enter crypto and nfts up for grabs 10
85 .OldGiveawayJim-cryptoHere are the first 5 entries into the thgaming easter competition including one featured post usd dollar25 in crypto
86 .OldGiveawayJnn10Splinterlands art contest week 193
87 .OldGiveawayK-o-m-cTo win 400k delegation 4 splinterlands
88 .OldGiveawayKqaosphreakSocial media challenge brawl report 39 a kind of a neutral giveaway
89 .OldGiveawayKraaaaaGetting 3 neutral quest in a row splinterlands daily quest and games
90 .OldGiveawayLaritheghostPsyberx weekly lvl giveaway 2 bounty refer a friend winners
91 .OldGiveawayLeeendahSplinterlands art contest
92 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayLoboguaraGetting ready to bring mayhem to splinterlands enpt
93 .OldGiveawayLorddiabloCalendar giveaway winner 14 august 2022
94 .OldGiveawayLorddiabloCalendar giveaway winner 03 august 2022
95 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayLxsxlThe winner and splinterlands giveaway 89c329569c619
96 .OldGiveawayMagalliGiveaway 1 guess the subject an win an epic card
97 .OldGiveawayMarcinxyzNft gaming discord news win kelya frendul angelic mandarin
98 .OldGiveawayMdsahin111Today s splinterlands gaming contest s weekly social media challenging battle
99 .OldGiveawayMightyrockleeMistakes are portals of discovery if you are wise enough a portal spinner splinterlands battle challenge contest
100 .OldGiveawayMukund123Getting started with splinterlands
101 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayMyfreebtcSplinterlands liquidity rewards earn 1 255 on hive voucher pair and giveaway
102 .OldWeekly,delegationOadissinChallenge contests giveaways 250 entries
103 .OldGiveawayOcojocoTsuwamono splinterlands art contest week 193
104 .OldGiveawayOscurocactusSplinterlands art contest week 193 or serpentine mystic inspiration eng esp
105 .OldGiveawayPrimr0seGiveaway alert
106 .OldGiveawayPro12Splinterlands art contest week 179 today my drawing gargoya scrapper
107 .OldGiveawayQueen-silviaMy journey nand benefit of climbing gold leaderboard or giveaway 15
108 .OldGiveawayR1s2g3Splinterland s maintaining the splinterlands rentals by diy approach giveaway
109 .OldGiveawayRachaeldwatson001 weekly 3 winners giveaway winnings total 5k starbits risingstarsplinterlands rental updates
110 .OldGiveawayRachaeldwatson1k free daily starbits giveaway 037 risingstarsplinterlands rental updates
111 .OldGiveawayRamadhanight16 giveaway winner announcement and start of the 17 giveaway
112 .OldGiveawayRamadhanight12 ramadhanight special giveaway winner announcement and start of the 13 giveaway
113 .OldGiveawayRelf87Free card delegation round 35
114 .OldGiveawayRentaw03Rentaws chaos legion pack giveaway
115 .OldCommunity-giveawayRngeezusSplinterlands rare nft card giveaway 3 my todays battle and my daily quest chest rewards ends 6 april utc
116 .OldGiveawayRoad2horizon6rxrod 1 week free delegation pelacor bandit level 1
117 .OldCardsdelegationRoad2horizon6lwzyv 1 week free delegation venari seedsmith level 1
118 .OldWeekly,giveawayRobinsonr810Splinterlands rare card giveaway rfwwiu
119 .OldGiveawayRtonlineSplinterlands giveaway 28 win rare nft card every day epic djinn chwala nft card every week ends 1 may utc
120 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayRtonlineSplinterlands giveaway 29 win rare nft card every day ends 2 may utc
121 .OldGiveawaySbtofficialYa86lhcq4wswx251xm7go4
122 .OldGiveawaysSephiwolfSplinterlands art contest week 193 tarsa
123 .OldGiveawayShraziMy entry with twisted jester for splinterlands fan art emote contest week 2
124 .OldGiveawaySiberian12Chaos legion card giveaway 169
125 .OldGiveawaySiberian12Chaos legion card giveaway 164 lottery
126 .OldSplinterlands-giveawaySilence-speaksMy artwork for splinterlands art contest week 196
127 .OldGiveawaySneakry8 11 2022 530pm est playing a new nft game blankos block party grinding splinterlands marbles and viewer prizes
128 .OldGiveawaySneakry8 12 2022 515pm est friday night splinterlands and marbles on stream drops active twitch live with prizes rising star rea
129 .OldGiveawaySneakry8 1 2022 530pm est twitch live with prizes splinterlands rising star marbles realmnft and more play to win
130 .OldGiveawaySolymiP 19g65lkx4uwo027f92ae7c4a27292b
131 .OldGiveawaySplinterobOpened 13 packs gold card giveaway
132 .OldGiveawaySynist3rSplinterlands brawl mercs getting paid to be in a guild
133 .OldGiveawaySynist3rSplinterlands tv giving away dollar300 of nfts on stream
134 .OldGiveawayTeesartHill giant splinterlands art contest
135 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayThebluebunnyDaily rewards give out basically nothing
136 .OldGiveawayThgamingThgaming january crypto nft giveaway prize winners announced here
137 .OldGiveawayThgamingThgaming january nft competition prizes handed out hive engine tokens and waxchain nfts
138 .OldGiveawayThoth442Thoth in splinterlands play update guild brawl report and card giveaway 5
139 .OldGiveawayTinyputerboyGolden grum delegate away
140 .OldGiveawayTravelgirlGetting ready for new splinterlands reward system
141 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayVaynard86Vaynard86s splinterlands giveaway 1
142 .OldGiveawayVictartexSplinterlands countess sinash art contest
143 .OldGiveawayVikisecretsMonster giveaway winner announcement 2022 08 01
144 .OldGiveawayVrezyyUpvote budget giveaways splinterlands edition 28 and previous giveaways winners 27
145 .OldGiveawayWaynechuasyThank you alexis666 for the venari heatwmith giveaway
146 .OldGiveawayWoo-eventsGold foil silent sha vi giveaway
147 .OldGiveawayXplosiveI am thinking about getting 1cdbeb64634b4
148 .OldSplinterlands-giveawayZeruxanimeSplinterlands win free card quest giveaway round 380
149 .SoonTodefineSoonSoon
150 .SoonTodefineSoonSoon


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