What is your hardest Daily Quest?


We all know that feeling, when you press get daily quest, the anticipation on what splinter or ability you have to use to get your daily quest.

I was thinking it would be good to get a conversation going on your hardest daily quest?

Daily Quest Types

So obviously it depends on your deck what's hardest for you, and some players focus on a particular splinter to have a strong deck, which makes it hard to always complete the daily question.

I for example have reasonably strong, fire, earth and water decks, but quite weak in death, and really weak in life. But this could vary for everyone, so I have categorised the daily quests as below:

  1. Splinter Quest (i.e. fire, water, earth, death, life and dragon)
  2. Sneak Quest
  3. Snipe Quest
  4. Neutral Quest

which one I find most difficult

I actually find the snipe quest one of the hardest ones, I generally don't use snipe a lot, and when I do the snipe quest I always just through in a 3 mana snipe card just to get the quest.

The second hardest for me, it probably the neutral quest, because I love the Furious chicken and sand worm.


How many splinters should you build up for daily quests

This depends really on your style, but I figured there are 8 quests in total (lets ignore dragon splinter because I have only seen that come up a few times). So if you choose to build up 3 splinters assuming its random, this means the following

the chance of getting the two unwanted splinters as a daily quest is 25%, and then you have a chance to change quest (only once) and there are 7 possible options, and only 1 unwanted option left which is a probability of 14.2%.

So the chance of getting an unwanted daily quest if you have 3 strong splinters is 3.6%, hardly a high chance.

However I have noticed that daily quests aren't always random, and the unwanted ones come up for me more often. I suspect it may have something to do with the amount you platy a splinter.. I might be wrong.. perhaps a good experiment to run on my account over a month, to find out if it is truly random (or maybe just ask a dev!)

Please comment below your favourite, or least favourite daily quests.

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