Spinterlands Renting just Launched

If you haven't heard already, splinterlands has launched their new Renting platform. Now renting has been around on peakmonsters for a while, but what's new with this, is that its now built into the game.

Rentals are so cheap now

Another advantage with the new rental system is that it is denominated in DEC, so before you had to convert to Hive, and HBD, and the lowest denomination was 0.001 HBD. This meant renting common level 1 cards was very expensive.

Now the cards are in DEC, and down to 2 decimal places, so you coudl rent for as little as 0.01DEC per day if you like, which is $0.00001 USD.. insanely cheap

I just had a look at the market and it looks like there are lots of cheap rentals on offer


As you can see, you can rent for as low as $0.0001 per day. So cheap.

How to get Collection power

sometimes you need collection power to get to the next league especially at the end of season. common cards only give you 10DEC, but gold cards give more, a common gold card can be 500DEC in collection power, so how much does it cost to rent?


As you can see, only $0.0003 per day, which will give you 500 Collection power. If you rented 30 of these, it will give you 15,000 collection power for Silver and cost only $0.009 per day. That's right.. not even a cent per day to get to silver league.

What does this mean for the splinterlands leagues?

I am expecting once people get the hang of renting, the gold and silver leagues will see more players more matches. perhaps less DEC per match win, who knows. but I am excited to see how this changes the economy and dynamics of the game

So lets get busy renting.. perhaps the rental price will go up...

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