Some tournaments are a guaranteed return (SPS)

I have lately overlooked tournaments on splinterlands, until now.

I didn't realise that tournaments were so lucrative.

With the SPS staking requirements you don't tend to get 100s of participants and sometimes the rewards are guaranteed to be more than the entry fee.


I entered the Bronze Blunderbuss, for 6.25 SPS. With only 114 entries so far (with 12 hours to go), I will be guaranteed 12.5 SPS, or double the amount I put up, not a bad return. There is even a chance if I play well to earn more.


I also entered the untamed kobold mining expedition. I entered this when I was in bronze league and the cost was only 2 SPS, again another guaranteed return. The rick with this one though is to enter whilst you are n bronze leagues, because if you are in silver or higher the price goes up to 25 SPS.


Stake some SPS

so the reason there are so few people entering these competitions is that they probably don't stake enough SPS to enter. So why not stake some more, and you can earn more! plus you might just earn yourself a voucher (about 1 voucher for every 140 SPS staked)

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