Renting Cards to increase collection Score

The season is coming to an end, and we are all looking forward to our season rewards on Splinter lands.

Many of you would have maxed out your rank for your collection score? Am I right?

This happens to me every season. So this season I decided to do something about it, and rent enough cards to increase my collection score. For those that don't know how to rent, I rent from htpp://

So what cards to rent?

GOLD GOLD GOLD, these cards give you the most collection power, so I suggest you rent GOLD cards if the sole purpose is collection score, but its obviously a price trade-off. I needed 30,000 to move from Silver II to Silver I, so here is how I got it.

Giant Scorpion Lv5 - 0.002USD per day for 2 days - 2500 collection Score
Magma Troll Lv5 - 0.001USD per day for 2 Days - 2500 collection Score
Silvershield Sherriff Lv2 - 0.002USD per day for 2 days - 4000 Collection Score
Dragon Spirit Lv2 - 0.014USD for 2 days - 10,000 Collection Score
Baby Unicorn Lv6 - 0.001USD for 2 days - 3,000 Collection Score
Rusty Android Lv5 - 0.001USD for 2 days - 2,250 Collection Score
Goblin Sorcerer Lv4 - 0.001USD for 2 Days - 750 Collection Score
Maggots Lv4 - 0.001USD for 2 Days - 1000 Collection Score
Highland Archer Lv5 - 0.001USD for 2 Days - 1500 collection Score
Horny toad Lv4 - 0.001USD for 2 Days - 1000 collection Score
Phantasm Lv5 - 0.004USD for 2 Days - 2500 collection Score


Total Spend

So all up I spent $0.027 per day, totally $0.052, this gave me the collection score I needed to advance to Silver I, and receive an additional 3 chests for the season reward, and an additional chest for the daily quest.

Is it worth it?

I don't know about you, but I guess on average you would receive about $0.01 worth per chest (comment below on your views, if you think its more), so this feels like the value is roughly the same (which makes sense). there is only one way to find out, wait, and see what those extra 4 chests gave me.

Good luck everyone as the season comes to an end!

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