My Favourite Splinterlands Card

I thought I might start a post on what my favoruite splinterlands card is and why.

Well, most of you might be thinking a legendary card, but my favourite is the Nectar Queen


I know this is a common monster, but there are a few things I like about this card.

  1. It has lots of health, so can last quite a while as a front line tank monster
  2. Four melee damage, is quite powerful, and can eat through an enemy's front line pretty quickly
  3. The flying and speed (for higher levels) means that other monsters often miss it
  4. In combination with Wood Nymph which can heal it, it is a formidable pair, and can last the whoel match being healed each round.
  5. 9 mana is a lot, but not too bad for a four attack monster
  6. Earthquakes... enough said
  7. Its a reward card so it was effectively free for me!

So all these good features add up to a really good option for the lower levels, even with level 2 summoners this is great because it can be levelled up to level 3, which gives it 3 speed and 11 health. making it hard to hit.

So what are your favourite cards? comment below..

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