Dygycon 4 is coming soon

I thought I would post about dygycon.. I'm not so familiar with the events lined up this time, but I have attended the last two events, and I wanted to get the message out. The link to the sign-up page is here : https://app.gamerjibe.com/events/60c3dc08af4ff7979c460901/

What is Dygycon

Dygycon is a virtual conference hosted by the splinterlands team, its a place where other blockchain games, and crypto related businesses can showcase their products.

Why I like dygycon

Firstly they are a great place to see and learn about other crypto projects, but most of all I like all the free NFTs that you get on wax from attending, and also the gamification of the conference.. like fishing

The free stuff!

This is just a small part of the free stuff collection I have received by attending past dygycons


These are just the dygycon NFTs and atomic hub values them at 14WAX or $2. There are countless number of other NFTs from collaborations. I received an ultra-rare t-shirt once from a dygycon event, and now I stake that in r-planet for 50 AETHER per hour. At one point 1000 AETHER was worth 1 WAX so, it was really worth my while. And all of this was free.

Next Dygicon is July 17th

What are you waiting for.. even if you aren't a spinterlands player, and you are interested in crypto, and blockchain gaming, or maybe just NFT art.. this is a great place to come to learn about what's happening.. and perhaps score a few free things along the way.

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