RULER OF THE SEAS Digital Fan Art -Splinterlands Art Contest Week 189!

IMG_20220519_180836.jpgRuler of the Seas.png

Noblebright is back. How are you hivinians? For this week's digital fan art I draw Ruler of the seas one of my favorite NFT cards aside from DJINN OSHANNUS in splinterlands. Through my powerful imagination, I make my version of this Card RULER OF THE SEAS hahaha.

Come and let me show you some steps of my artwork from sketch to final results.


Messy sketchFinal sketch

First I draw circles and connect them using lines to form a pattern for my sketch. Then start to sketch by looking at the reference of the ruler of the sea in the left corner of my sketch. It was messy at the beginning of my sketch due to some adjustments. To finalize my sketch I add a new layer and trace the messy sketch.


Base Color
Details are the exciting part but a laborious one. So I need to pay attention to the color I use for the base color. First I color his body looking at my reference and move to his hair and dress. I leave the part of the eye without color because it was on a detailed part of the art.


Hair and DressFace and bodyFinal color

For the detail part, I start with hair using the light red color to show his hair alive and add some white using a pen sharp. Then move to his dress by highlighting the yellow color to make a 3D look. Next to his face by adding light colors and draw and finalize the eyes. For his ear, arms, body, and tail same process with the face by adding light colors. To finalize the details I add white using a pen sharp with an opacity of 45%.



For the final touch, I add a background using sky blue and white to form an underwater scene. Then insert the art of RULER OF THE SEAS. To complete the art I add bubbles and lightning came from my reference. To summarize my artwork I prepared a gift.


Thank you for tuning in to my blog and artwork every week. Hope you enjoy and like it.

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