No packs this time, but rewards are rewards


The end of the season AND a new airdropped summoner are just around the bend!


Alchemy potions are the more expensive ones, it's better to get those. They're each worth about 50 DEC if you actually want them, which I do. I plan on buying packs in the future when I free up some cash. That Grim Reaper card is pretty gnarly, too. That definitely comes in handy in certain battles. Even at level 1, it has a ranged attack of 3.

The quest today was a Life Splinter one. It wasn't too difficult to complete, despite the fact that the only summoner I have for that splinter is MOTHER KHALA. It worked out pretty well for me. This summoner gives a +1 health, which is the same that LYANNA NATURA gives from the good old days, and that was always powerful. I think this Life Splinter summoner is pretty good. Mine is only a few away from level 3, so I should probably take care of that.

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