I got another Untamed pack in my next rewards!


That's pretty dang lucky!

I have been playing this game a long time (not always as this account) and I have gotten very few packs as quest rewards in all that time. To get packs as rewards two quests in a row is even crazier. These rewards are from last evening, the second quest I completed yesterday.

There weren't two epic cards in this pack, but...

There was a gold card!


I had one of those already, and with a second one, I was able to get it to level 4.

Another Neutral Quest!

I had another quest today and it was to win three battles with no neutral cards. I did it in not too many battles. It's always kind of tough, but you only have to win three instead of five, so it kind of evens out.

As you can see, I didn't get another pack in these rewards, so the streak has ended. If I did get one, then I'd be checking official posts to see if maybe there was some update to temporarily give a pack to everyone in the rewards.



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