Splinterlands Social Media Challenge !! My today drawing of Kralus !!

Today I start a splinterlands card Kralus. I feel all are very well. I show you how to do complete my art of its. This is my Social Media Challenge art. Everyone would like my art.
First I start to sketch with pencil. I get of this look.

IMG_20210927_195719_238 (1).jpg

Secondly I start color of it's face and body. I painting with some colors.

IMG_20210927_201857_188 (1).jpg

Next, I complete of its body part with color.

IMG_20210927_203052_279 (1).jpg

Finally I did color of its. Completely color on it. Than look like that.

IMG_20210927_204014_741 (1).jpg

Try to play steemmonsters games and win reward. For my next drawing follow me. I trying hard to do best art. I hope everyone choice my art.

Splinterlands Social Media Challenge link here.
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