Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Diemonshark

Hi friends, it's time for another round of the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge and since Diemonshark is the monster of the week, I certainly couldn't stay away.

I really like him because of his high speed, strong defense and powerful attack, and thanks to his Trample ability with Super Sneak or Melee Mayhem rules he is incredibly good. Actually in my deck he's pumped up to level 2, and from time to time I rent a version of him in Golden Foil to increase my combat rewards.

In the last couple of days my favorite rule combination never came out, but I did manage to have a pretty good fight against an opponent with an excellent set of cards from Riftwatchers Edition.

Now, my opponent often played Life, which is known for its shields, so I decided to focus on fast cards and powerful magical attacks, given the Silenced Summoners rule.

My lineup:

  • Diemonshark with lots of health, a powerful shield, and a strong attack;
  • Flying Squid, one of the best cards with the ability to attack from the second position;
  • The mighty Djinn Oshannus with a strong attack, great speed, and great health;
  • The destructive and speedy mage Phantom Of The Abyss;
  • one of the best new mages Runemancer Kye, with the Life Leech ability;
  • completing the combo is Sea Stalker, a great sniper who can't be hit unless he's in the first position.

Opponent's lineup:

  • Lord Arianthus, no attack, but with cool Shield, Void, and Magic Reflect abilities;
  • Strong Corsair Bosun with the ability to attack from the second position;
  • an equally strong Sand Worm with the ability to attack my rear;
  • Another Sneak card, Dumake Exile, with good speed and attack parameters;
  • Venari Spellsmith, a weak mage with an excellent Dispel ability;
  • A legendary Runemancer Atuat mage with the ability to reduce my ranged attacks and a great Forcefield ability.

During the first round I managed to get rid of the "defender" Lord Arianthus, and by the beginning of the third round my mages and Diemonshark dealt with Corsair Bosun, and even losing my Phantom of The Abyss I managed to get a confident victory :)


Happy to share my experience and as you can see Diemonshark is a great card to protect archers and mages and thanks to its high speed and attack it can hold the defense almost until the last round.

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