Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Dragons!

Hi friends, the start of a new season is fun and I'm diligently getting back into the Golden League, and this weekend I decided to take part in the new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge round and try some strategies with the Dragon element.

Admittedly, I rarely play as this faction, but sometimes, with a lot of mana, this elemental's cards perform just fine.

I especially like Carnage Titan, which with its high summoning cost is totally worth it with the most powerful dual attacks.

In one of my Super Sneak fights I decided to use an Earth Elemental/Dragons combo and since my opponent often plays Earth Elemental and uses powerful mages I chose Sthispa, which gives Phase ability.

My lineup:

  • Flesh Golem with great health, strong attack and healing ability;
  • Carnage Titan for a strong double attack on the enemy's rear (thanks to the Super Sneak rule);
  • Oaken Behemoth with strong double melee attack and magic damage (again, Super Sneak rule!);
  • Brownie to gain a speed advantage;
  • Fungus Fiend, in case the opponent uses a card with Opportunity ability;
  • Fast Venari Knifer to quickly attack and deal damage to an attacking opponent with Thorns ability.

My opponent, as I expected, chose the Earth element and strong mages - Mycelic Splipspawn, Goblin Psychic, Elven Mystic and Khmer Princess, boosted by Obsidian, and put a strong Unicorn Mustang as a shield.

Thanks to my strong attacks, by the start of the second round my opponent had lost Mycelic Slipspawn and my Goblin Tower archer.

In the third round, I went in without losses, and the opponent was left with one Unicorn Mustang :)

It was a very easy win :)

Watch The Battle

Of course, level difference didn't make the difference, but still, Carnage Titan gaining the Sneak ability is a true Lethal Weapon and definitely worth using in the future :)

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