Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Magi Of Chaos

Hi, Hive! I think the Challenges from the Splinterlands team are a great way to try out new strategies and pay more attention to cards that many don't use often enough, and of course I was happy to join the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge with neutral mage Magi Of Chaos.

My Magi is pumped up to level 2, and due to lack of abilities I use it quite rarely, and most often use it in battles with the Explosive Weaponry rule, which makes his attacks more effective.

Today I fought a few battles with him and in one of them I faced a pretty strong opponent with Water element and Noxious Fumes rule.

my lineup:

  • Kelya Frendul's summoner to increase my cards speed and shields;
  • A slow Sea Monster with a lot of health and the ability to heal;
  • Flying Squid with more health and the ability to attack from the second position;
  • the mighty Djinn Oshannus with more health and a powerful magical attack;
  • the beautiful River Nymph to "save" my first position from the effects of poison;
  • the strong mage Runemancer Kye has been great in battles with the Noxious Fumes rule and his Life Leech ability makes me very happy;
  • Magi Of Chaos completed combos to deal more damage to my opponent's first two positions.

My opponent chose the powerful Diemonshark as his tank, and my weak cards were threatened by Deeplurker, but the poisoning benefited me - I had more cards with more health in my linepad, so everything was very even, and Magi Of Chaos, which was last, did a great job as a finishing attack.


So that was the match. Happy to share the battle experience :)

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