Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Dhampir Stalker

Good afternoon, friends! This weekend I had some free time, my ERC account was restored to normal, so I decided to participate in the new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge round and try out different strategies with an interesting Death element card, the Dhampir Stalker archer.

I can't call it my favorite card, and despite its good attack and speed parameters I use it quite rarely, and I only pumped mine up to level 2.

However, I found it to be very useful with Explosive Weaponry and its ability to deal explosive damage to multiple cards at once, so I tried it with my favorite summoner, Waka Spiritblade, today.

So, my opponent often used Death and Earth in their battles, focusing on archer attacks, so I chose the following lineup:

  • Waka Spiritblade Summoner, which gives my cards the ability to poison my opponent's cards, dealing extra damage;
  • speed Phantasm in the first position for a powerful attack on my opponent's first two cards;
  • Next was Aracne Thug, a great melee card with the ability to attack from the second position;
  • The third line was taken by Phantom Soldier, perhaps my favorite mage of the element of Death, which in addition to good attack parameters, speed and health has the ability to "worsen" the magical attacks of the enemy;
  • The fourth position is taken by Dhampir Stalker, which with its ability to hit without missing, and reinforced by the summoner became a great "finishing card";
  • completed the combo with Magi Necrosi, who in addition to his excellent speed (4 units) has the ability to Camouflage practically unseen until he gets to the first position.

It was very scary to see that the opponent came out with the "Gold" lineup, and the legendary Harklaw in the first position looked very threatening, however, the opponent, in my opinion, chose a very large number of archers, which gave me some optimism and it was necessary to get rid of his tank as soon as possible.

By the beginning of the second round, thanks to the attacks of my mages and archer I managed to get rid of the enemy Magi Necrosi and Haunted Scimitar, as well as to do some damage to his tank.

I went into the third round with no losses, and my opponent was left with only Harklaw with a couple of health units and a badly beaten Octopider, and it was great to see my Dhampir Stalker put a big point in this battle and inflict a deadly blow on my opponent's archer.

Watch The Battle

I'll probably upgrade my Dhampir Stalker to level 3 in the next few days, and this card definitely has potential, so I was happy to try it out and share my combat experience.

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