Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR

Hello friends, I found some time to blog again and decided to take part in the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge and try out some strategies with the powerful Neutral Fighter LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR.

As this card has a very high cost of 9 mana, I rarely use it, preferring the new cards from Riftwatchers, but I must say that it's very good in battles with Melee Mayhem or Reverse Speed!

In a recent battle, I had a combination of Reverse Speed and Up Close & Personal, and I thought it was a good idea to use his strong shield and attack.

So, my line-up:

  • LORNA SHINE Summoner, giving my cards Divine Shield and a slight advantage for one turn;
  • LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR in first position with low speed but a strong attack and shield;
  • CORSAIR BOSUN - a great card with the ability to attack from second position, so I couldn't help but use this opportunity to strengthen my attacks on my opponent's first position;
  • Third place went to one of my neutral favourites, ARKEMIS THE BEAR. I really like his ability to give allies extra shield protection, and his huge amount of Health could be a big plus if my first pair of cards get out of play quickly;
  • Completes a combo with two cards, STITCH LEECH and SILVERSHIELD ASSASIN, that can attack the enemy from behind. In addition, ASSASIN has a great ability to attack twice, so if my opponent has weak cards in the back, this pair will give me a good advantage.

My opponent obviously made a mistake with his summoner, and instead of MYLOR CROWLING, which would have been appropriate for his choice of cards, put OBSIDIAN, who enhances magical attacks, and despite his 44 mana, chose not the best fighters, emphasizing on their low speed.

By the start of the second round he had lost two weak fighters, and I made sure I used SNEAK cards very correctly.

In the third round I went in with no losses, and after taking some damage to my shield my LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR destroyed the enemy HILL GIANT

MICELIC INFANTRY proved to be a tough nut to crack and I didn't manage to do much damage over the next three rounds, but LEGIONNAIRE ALVAR and CORSAIR BOSUN nailed him with PELACOR MERCENARY so my victory in round 8 was inevitable.

That's how the fight turned out. You can check it out on the game's website and I was very happy to get my Legionnaire back in the active roster, and I will of course still try him with other draftees and combinations.

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