Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge - Regal Peryton

Hello friends, I play a lot as an Earth elemental and especially enjoy Mylor Crowling, so I was very happy to have the new Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge round dedicated to Regal Peryton, the mage I use in many effective combos.

Despite his weak attack, his speed makes him a very good mage, and it's fun to see how the opponent can't hit him :)

So, my lineup:

  • Mylor Crowling summoner, giving cards the Thorns ability;
  • a strong Unicorn Mustang with the ability to resist magic damage;
  • Legendary Oaken Behemot with magical and melee attacks, as well as the ability to attack from second position. One of my favorites :)
  • Regal Peryton for a quick attack on the enemy's first position;
  • Since the rules of combat declared Healed Out, I had a suspicion that the opponent would focus on shields, so I figured the more mages I had, the better, so next was Magi Of Chaos;
  • Among the new cards from the Riftwatcher edition, the Earth elemental has the most powerful archer-mage Runemancer Florre, so I always put him in long-range positions in battles with a lot of mana;
  • The fast archer Spirit of The Forrest completes the combo, whose attacks on the enemy's rear always play a huge role in combat.

My opponent was very wise to choose Alric Stormbringer and a selection of powerful mages, so my first priority was to take out Djinn Oshannus, whose attacks are quite devastating. Additionally, Sand Worm was threatening my rear, so my choice of Spirit of The Forrest and Regal Peryton's fast ranged attacks seemed like the right choice.

By the end of the first round, I managed to get rid of Legionnaire Alvar through magical attacks. In the second round I lost Spirit of The Forrest, but my opponent lost Djinn Oshannus, so the outcome of the battle was clear - working together Oaken Behemot and Regal Peryton dealt excellent damage, and Runemancer Florre became a "wrecker" and everything came together in the best way.

Watch the battle

As I think the fight turned out very well and it was nice to win over such a strong opponent.

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