Adventures in Splinterlands - Waka Spiritblade

Hi friends, I keep trying different combos with the new cards from Riftwatchers, and this season I rented the powerful Waka Spiritblade summoner to try it out in battles with a lot of mana.

I really like its ability to give my cards the ability to poison my opponent and deal extra damage to his cards, so it was very interesting to see how destructive cards with high summon cost would become and how effective combos that worked with other summoners would be.

In one of my fights, I got an opponent who played Fire very often, so I chose this lineup:

  • Night Ghoul with great health, a strong attack, and the ability to pull attacks on himself;
  • A slow but very powerful The Gorlodon to attack from the second position;
  • Slow but very powerful Mage Cthulhu, for a more powerful attack on the enemy tank;
  • the fast mage Phantom Soldier for even more destruction of the opponent's first position and reducing the power of his magical attacks;
  • One of my neutral favorites, Sand Worm, to attack the enemy's rear;
  • the strongest archer Raa for random attack and poisoning enemy cards;

For some reason the opponent chose a first-level summoner, but put the most powerful Grum Flameblade on the first position, and since the rules of the battle were Weak Magic, destroying it was quite a challenge.

By the second round, thanks to Raa and Sand Worm, I managed to poison my opponent's mages, and even though his Grum pumped up his attack with Bloodlust ability I managed to break his defense and win in the 4th round.


So that was the battle. I was happy to share my experience and today I will continue to test Waka Spiritblade's abilities :)

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