Adventures in Splinterlands - Runemancer Kye

Hi Hive! After a long break, it's good to be back in action and of course very excited about the new cards from the Riftwatchers edition. Battles with a lot of mana have become really interesting and every day I find new ways to use these powerful fighters.

Today I'm playing in the Silver II league and got 5 chests for completing the daily focus, which turned out to contain one epic and one gold card.

One of the fights where Noxious Fumes and Keep Your Distance rules fell out I decided to try a new Runemancer Kye mage and see how his ability handles poisoning.

my lineup:

  • Kelya Frendul summoner to increase the speed of my cards and strengthen their shields;
  • Prismatic Enegy mage to deflect damage from enemy attacks;
  • The mighty mage Djinn Oshannus with a lot of health;
  • Runemancer Kye mage with Life Leech ability;
  • beautiful River Nymp to protect the first position from the effects of poison;
  • archer Two Gun Pete for more damage on the enemy's first position;
  • Sea Stalker sniper to attack the enemy rear.

The enemy chose the element of Death and a few archers who could hardly survive many poison moves, so my main objective was to destroy his Riftwing, which was replenishing its health through losses.


It was pretty easy to win, and it looks like Runemancer Kye is going to be one of my favorite new Water cards :)

Do you already have one?

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