Adventures in Splinterlands - Coeurl Lurker

Hi friends, I continue my experiments with strategies and new cards from Riftwatchers Gem's and in the last couple of days I fell in love with the legendary neutral monster COEURL LURKER.

First, because of his multiple tails and appearance, he looks a lot like Nine-Tails Kurama from my favorite Naruto anime. Secondly, its high summoning cost is fully justified by its excellent speed, attack, and ability to attract enemy attacks.

Because of that, I often pair him up with Mylor Crowling's Thorns ability, and it's pretty cool!

For example, in this battle I chose the following lineup:

  • Coeurl Lurker in the first position to make the enemy tank wear itself out with its attacks in addition to the damage from its strong attacks;
  • Bramble Pixie with the ability to attack from the second line and a lot of health;
  • speed mage Regal Peryton to strengthen his attacks on the enemy tank;
  • a powerful Sand Worm to attack the rear (where archers and mages usually stand);
  • classical mage Mushroom Seer to reduce the effectiveness of magical attacks of the enemy;
  • The combo is completed by the very strong Runemancer Florre, which has a huge amount of health. With the Thorns ability gained from the summoner, she is quite capable of causing the death of his cards with the Sneak ability.

My opponent chose Water and his Serpent of Eld looked very threatening at first, as did his Flying Squid support, and his Disintegrator's Demoralize ability made my melee attacks miserable, but it was clear after the first round that my strategy was much more effective.

By the start of the third round my opponent only had a couple of archers left, so it was an easy win, and Coeur Lurker's "pull on yourself" moment was the perfect solution.

Watch the Battle

Was glad to share the experience, I'll continue to explore the possibilities of new cards and I'm sure it will be fun :)

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