Adventures in Splinterlands - Brawl Report 02.11.22

Hello friends, today is the end of another round in Guild Brawl. where I fight for the team PIZZA 2 The Deep Dish and this time I was lucky enough to win 4 fights out of 5! And I lost to a player with powerful Yodin Zaku and a very strong deck.

I rented the mighty Waka Spiritblade summoner shortly before the fight started, so I was betting on the Death elemental battles. In addition, I really wanted to try out the epic gladiator Trapp Falloway I'd recently received, and I'm glad I got that chance!

But let's go in order :)

Combat 1

I got Unprotected and Spreading Fury rules, and only 15 mana, so I chose Life elemental and LORNA SHINE summoner, which gives the cards Divine Shield ability. I put Chase Knight on the first position, with melee resistance, added Stitch Leech to attack the enemy's rear, and finished it off with a fast Gladiator mage, Sola Ranjell.

The opponent chose the powerful Undead Rexx, but lost it very quickly :)


Combat 2

In the second battle I had a small amount of mana - only 19, so I played as a Life elemental and LORNA SHINE summoner again, but replaced the mage-gladiator with Divine Healer and a very fast archer Ajax Lightfoot.

My opponent chose the Earth element, and put a nice Venari Knifer and Goblin Psychic combo on the first positions (I often do that myself), but my Stitch Leech was at its best and got rid of the archer and enemy mages pretty quickly.


Combat 3

By the third fight my mana was up to 21 and I finally sent Waka Spiritblade into battle. Since the rules were Opportunity I chose the following lineup - Animated Corpse with great health, Crypt Beetle with the ability to resist damage, epic gladiator Trapp Falloway with a fast and powerful attack, as well as the ability to lower the health of enemy cards, then Xenith Monk with the ability to heal and archer Dark Ferryman, adding damage with the Cripple ability.

My opponent chose the Earth element and focused on magical attacks, enhanced with Obsidian, and Doctor Blight and Djinn Biljka seemed to be quite dangerous on the ranged positions (as it's impossible to hit them with Camouflage ability), but nevertheless my gladiator was very effective and I quickly got to the rear of the enemy


Combat 4

The most delicious thing is for dessert. The last battle had 60 mana and the Earthquake rule, so I saw this as a good opportunity to see the combination of Waka Spiritblade and Raa's flying archer, aided by Cthulhu, Phantom Soldier, and Liza Fox, the gladiator archer. Since the second rule was Melee Mayhem, I added a fairly expensive but very powerful Night Goul to my cards, and put a very fast Phantasm on the first position.

My opponent chose Earth and Mylor Crowling, but didn't choose flying monsters (!). Given my qualitative advantage in archers and mages, the Thorns ability of the summoner wasn't very useful :)


So much fun. Was happy to share my combat experience :)

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