The Groot in Splinterlands.

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I tried Earth Elemental on the battlefield in level 2 and this monster can definitely be compared to The Groot of MCU cause both of them are tree and both of them fights.

It gets to restore a third of max health of thyself each round using heal ability but that ability gets activated when this card is at level 4 or higher. The level 2 Earth Elemental didn't give me any special ability and it can't attack from the first position so to use this at the front, I chose a special summoner that gives a special ability.

Let's get to the battle.

Here's the battle link if you wish to check.


Choosing Monsters

My TeamOpponent's Team
Earth ElementalPelacor Deceiver
Spirit of the ForestVenari Bonesmith
Failed SummonerNil

I created my team selecting three monsters and my opponent created their team selecting two monsters where I used earth element and my opponent used death element.

Choosing Fernheart as the summoner, I used two ranged attack monsters and one non-attacker where two of them had some special abilities that allows them to do something special like Spirit of the Forest targets the first enemy unit with ranged, magic, or no attack that is not in the first position using snipe ability and for flying ability, this monster gets a 25% bonus chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from Units who do not have the flying ability, Failed Summoner does half the magic damage back to the attacker if gets hit by a magic attack.

The Battle

All my monsters were blessed with one extra health and with close range ability from my summoners buff. The close range ability helped my ranged attackers attack from the first position as well. And for my opponent's summoners buff, my monsters lost the extra health they got from my summoners buff.


My team got the first kill and that's in the second round after Spirit of the Forest did her turn on the opponent's Venari Bonesmith in both round.

My Spirit of the Forest was the fastest monster in this battle so she did her turn at the beginning and damaged two health of the opponent's Venari Bonesmith and the opponent monster lost two health portions out of three. Then both Pelacor Deceiver and Venari Bonesmith of the opponent team attacked my Groot, no sorry my Earth Elemental.

My Earth Elemental lost total two health for the attacks and the opponent's Venari Bonesmith increased its health with one health portion using life leech ability. Then my Earth Elemental did its first attack and missed to damage anything of the opponent's Pelacor Deceiver as the opponent monster evaded the damage using flying ability. And then my Spirit gave me the first kill in the next round after killing the opponent's Venari Bonesmith.


The third round ended so fast after Pelacor Deceiver and Earth Elemental damaged each others health portion by 1 which looked more like revenge things. My monsters didn't miss any attack on the opponent monster in the third round and my Earth Elemental was gradually losing all its health.

And there came a moment when my Earth Elemental was left with only one health portion so does the opponent monster and the next attack was from my Spirit of the Forest in a new round. I already got the belief that I was winning this battle and it was confirmed at that moment cause Pelacor Deceiver could save it by evading the attacks but it did that only once in the first round and now it had the lowest health and only one damage would kill it for sure.

My Spirit of the Forest took her turn in the next round and didn't miss this one either and the last opponent monster was killed in the beginning of the next round.

I see Spirit of the Forest did better in this battle but Earth Elemental gave her shelter taking all the damages. So, what do you think of Earth Elemental and about my play?

The in game screenshots were collected from splinterlands, the background picture for the thumbnail was collected from pixabay and the picture of Groot for the thumbnail was collected from nicepng.

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