Goblin Psychic proved itself being the Ultimate Healer.

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I tried Goblin Psychic alone on the battlefield who did great getting support from Scarred Llama Mage and proved itself being the ultimate haler using its tank heal ability. Receiving 50% to all stats from the last stand ability of the summoner, Goblin Psychic became immortal healing thyself again and again and again to the power infinity.

This is a magic attack monster which may attack from any position and probably in any ruleset. It has five health portions, two magic attacks, one speed and it offers tank heal ability that restores a third of max health to the unit in the first position each round but when this monster itself is in the first round, it heals thyself using tank heal.

Let's get to the battle.

Here's the battle link if you wish to check.


Choosing Monsters

My TeamOpponent's Team
Goblin PsychicCursed Windeku
NilCarrion Shade
NilUndead Badger

I created my team selecting only one monster and my opponent created their team selecting three monsters where I used earth element and my opponent team used death element.

Choosing Scarred Llama Mage as the summoner, I only Goblin Psychic that gest tank heal ability on its own and gets last stand and cleanse abilities from the summoner.

The Battle

For my opponent's summoners buff, my only monster lost one health and one magic attack. Then my summoner blessed my monster with two extra health, last stand and cleanse abilities. And being the only unit alive/available in my team, the last stand ability of my Goblin Psychic got activated at the beginning of the battle he gained 50%+ to all stats. The magic attack and speed became two from one and the health became nine from five.


Getting the first kill was not so easy as my front monster had only two magic attacks and the front monster in the opponent team got nine. Cursed Windeku from the opponent team had the most speed among all monsters in both team and it attacked first and damaged two health of my Goblin. Then Undead Badger of the opponent team took its turn and damaged another health of my monster and the other opponent monster stayed silent as it was a melee attacker not in the first place.

Even after getting increased stats, my Goblin Psychic had lower speed than the opponent attackers. Now that my Goblin Psychic had his turn, first he healed himself and did that with three health (the whole three health that he lost to the opponent attacks) and then damaged two health of the Cursed Windeku.


Apart from gaining buffs and debuffs from summoners, the same thing happened again in the next round and in the next round as well and the only difference was that the Cursed Windeku kept losing health. my Goblin Psychic kept losing three health to three melee damages of Cursed Windeku and Undead Badger and my healer Goblin kept healing thyself with the whole three health every round till the time came and Goblin Psychic gave me the first kill in round five where Cursed Windeku died after all.

My Goblin Psychic healed thyself with three health for the last time in this round when he got me the first kill as the opponent monsters didn't have three/more than three damages anymore. The next opponent monster Carrion Shade reached to the front position and now it could attack if it gets the chance and it got a chance and damaged one health of my Goblin Psychic which left my monster with a portion of health less at the end of the battle.

In the next round, after Undead Badger damaged one more health of my Goblin Psychic, my Goblin then healed thyself with the lost two health and killed Carrion Shade and thus gave me the second kill and I see the game was come to an ending already as the next opponent monster had a very low health. Yeah, the Undead Badger took its last turn and damaged one health of my Goblin and the goblin then healed thyself with the lost health and killed the opponent monster.

I see Goblin Psychic did nice on the battle using its tank heal ability. So, what do you think of Goblin Psychic and about my play?

How do you like me explaining what I'm experiencing?
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Thanks for reading me, goodbye.

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