Winning A Massive 50K Power Summoner Delegation!!!

Hi Splinterfans!

You would think that with everything going on in Splinterlands that you would be seriously pumped and this level of excitement wasn't beatable. That was how I was feeling after climbing through to the Silver I league, I was feeling even more hyped.

I had a couple of rental cards expire and then noticed that my power was just short of the required amount needed to stay in Silver I league and was only enough for the Silver II league, so I posted on Twitter:

The guys at PeakMonsters responded how much power do I need?!

I was thinking I needed to rent a few more cards later to boost my power, no problem. In the meantime, I was watching a few of the streams on Splinterlands TV and NFT-Hunter was streaming and running a delegation competition. I casually put my name down and suddenly he called me the winner!!!! It was so unexpected!!

Here I took a screenshot of me winning the delegation!

I then had to do a double-take to what card delegation I had won.. it was a LEVEL 2 Chanseus The Great.. with 50K POWER!!! My whole deck with a ton of rented cards was just under 35K power, but this one summoner was 50K!!!!

Look at those abilities... 2 extra shield each turn, heal the backline monster with the most hits and RESURRECT!!!! You know how last week I was so hyped by encountering the resurrect ability. Now I am resurrecting in nearly every game!!!! GET IN!!!!

My mind was totally blown.. suddenly my power shot me through to the GOLD LEAGUE for the first time ever!!!!

My mind was so blown I just couldn't believe I had this awesome delegation and I was battling away in the gold league with my level 1/2 cards against summoners at level 3 up til 6!!! I encountered some monsters I've never seen before catching me by surprise. Luckily I've still managed to win some games thanks to Chanseus The Great smashing through some of the decks !!!

The only way to describe this day is with a Lou Reed song:

I can certainly recommend watching Splinterlands TV and hanging out with the community as you never know what competitions and prize draws are available. The community there is very supportive and even a new player like me with just over 2 months experience can win a great delegation like today.

A big thanks to NFT-Hunter for this delegation, it's really appreciated!!!

Thanks for reading.


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