The Riftwatchers are Burning

Hello Splinterfans!

The recent DAO proposal was passed here that will begin burning 15k Riftwatchers packs per day until all of the currently ~2m available packs are gone. Around 10% would be held by the DAO to sell for promotions in the future.

There was some controversey about this proposal as it is quite soon after the proposal to change the selling of packs for DEC and many wanted to wait and see if this had any effect before so quickly a new proposal comes. Also it could speed up the release of the new Rebellion packs that should come next.

Many players like myself have probably neglected to build up some of their Riftwatchers collection because with the Reward cards leveling up and buying key Chaos Legion cards and legendaries, Riftwatchers fell on the wayside.

Despite this, there are some key cards that I would like to have in the Riftwatchers collection and I was taking my time to add them to my deck and hoping for some cheaper prices.

Current Riftwatchers cards

These are my current Riftwatchers cards. First of all I concentrated on getting the cheapest summoners such as Dallan and Aquatus. Although I do not play them very often, Aquatus barely at all.

However there are a couple of useful Riftwatcher summoners such as Ilthain and Fernheart whom I would like to add to my collection. I only have Fernheart at level 1 at the moment and this is pretty useless for me.


My most recent purchases have been the legendaries Runemancer Rye and Agor Longtail. Still these are currently only at level 1 and I would need them at least level 2/3. If I was to consider playing the diamond league, maybe maxed.

My idea would be to first prioritise to get the legendaries to level 3 and then I would move on to the remaining cards that I like before finally looking at the 4 remaining Riftwatcher summoners. Ilthain I may consider just renting as he is quite pricey compared to the others.

Most Used Cards

My most used Riftwatcher cards excluding the legendaries would be

-Corsair Bosun who plays great behind the tank with his reach and reflection shield.

-Tinderlock I thought I had already leveled up, but he can come in very hand in the fire splinter.

-Water Caller I am finding the stun ability coming in handy sometimes

-Sea Stalker I have fallen out of using but leveled up to include the cleanse ability could be very handy to have

-Ash Mirage is another useful monster to have to help reduce the ranged attack of your opponent

-Runeslinger I have aleady upgraded to include the affliction ability he gains there but I have not used as much as I had expected

-Junker I have already at level 6 and his reach and repair abilities come in very handy, only his speed can often let him down and give many misses for me.

-Bramble Pixie I will want to level up. I was using her abit to begin with but not so much recently. I have however seen her recently being used to great effect in the earth splinter so could be worth to have.

-Coastal Nymph I will probably also upgrade as although I use her less these days due to the slow speed, she may still be handy for some lineups.

Final Thoughts

The burning of Riftwatcher packs has given me renewed focus to get my Riftwatcher cards leveled up and try to prioritise the important ones to have. Mostly the legendarie are the most important and having them only at level 1 isn't good enough to put them to good use.

I was hoping for some cheaper prices, but I expect now that the prices will go up rather than down. I am planning to just buy the cards I want, but maybe it is also worth to buy some Riftwatcher packs to hold onto for later once they go out of sale.

What are you planning to upgrade first in the Riftwatchers collection?


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Screenshots, logos and characters are taken from Splinterlands.

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