Splinterlands Rental Review

I have been using the Golem Rental service (Splex.gg) for 3 weeks now and have gotten a good feel for the service. Previously I was managing the rentals manually but after a while, this becomes a huge task and it was good to be able to free up some time and test this service.

The registration and setup were very easy. You go and register in the Discord group and it is quickly activated. Afterward, everything is very easily managed from their website and own user interface. It takes a little getting used to compared to Peak Monsters, but you start to appreciate some of the features and extra information that it provides.

For example, you can see above that it groups the different cards together by level and regular/GF. This keeps things much less cluttered. You can also see your profit/loss on the purchases and what your APY is and how long until the card would be paid off.

You can see here that my GF Venari Knifer was a bad buy with the price loss and time it will take to pay for itself. This information is helpful with the decision-making process of what cards are performing well or badly and which ones to add or remove to your portfolio.

Another good things are that you can select certain cards to be or not be managed so any cards you want to play with or manually rent can be ignored by the service.

There are many good fields that you can sort by and review your portfolio without having to use excel yourself.


The service is not for free though and you pay an extra 10% on your rental income. For a totally hands-off rental service, this could be quite good value. I managed to go on my holidays and not log in once to see how things were doing, knowing that everything was being taken care of.

A great feature is also being able to pay the fees upfront so that you don't need to worry about the service being stopped if you forget to pay the invoice or don't have access for a while.


Since using the service I didn't notice any increase in income from using the service. The returns are lower now than when I first started, but this could be more of a seasonal variational thing to do with the demand. The demand for cards ebbs and flows due to the market.

Sometimes I see that it adjusts the prices of cards to lower than I would for some of my favorite upgraded monsters, but they all seem to get rented in the end.

I have 956 cards being managed and had to increase the HP level as the RC ran out before. Now I added 300 HP and so far this seems enough and its stays above 95% until now. For some reason, actually, have HP on the account is better than having it delegated.


The service is easy to use and very automated. I didn't see any problems with cards not being rented. The guys in the discord help chat were also quick to answer and give me advice on my query when I checked it.

The biggest benefit of the service is the convenience, allowing you to concentrate on other things and let the rentals sort themselves out. For this reason, I would continue to use the service and am currently very happy with it

What's your experience with the service? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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