Splinterlands Battle Mage - Reverse Speed

Hello Splinterfans!

This week we have the new Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge with the ruleset Reverse Speed.

The Reverse Speed ruleset is a fun ruleset but can be heavily influenced by what other rulesets that you need to play with.

The main strategy that I think to play with this ruleset is to avoid the faster splinters and those summoners who give speed buffs, as you don't want that if possible.

In today's battle, we have a mix of rise of the commons and armored up to mix things up a bit. How will it work out?

Let's check this week's battle.

My Team

This is a mid-mana battle with rise of the commons and armored up rulesets.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
TarsaExtra health and attack buffs
Septic SlimeSlow speed and stun ability
Parasitic GrowthSlow speed and opportunity ability
Serpentine SpyLow cost and opportunity ability
TechnowizologistMagic and stun ability
Tenyii StrykerSlow speed and sneak attack
Molten Ash GolemSlow speed, large health and weaken ability

My opponents

Summoner/ Monster
Thaddius Brood
Cursed Windeku
Shadow Snitch
Venari Bonesmith
Dhampir Stalker
Supply Runner


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ROUND 1 - Cursed Windeku vs - Septic Slime

As you will see in this battle, I have a few monsters that I need to upgrade. However, with the reverse speed ruleset, that can sometimes work in your favor to have a lower level monster at level 1, because it is slower, but with this ruleset becomes FASTER.

Normally I might go with a light deck, but today opted for the fire deck and we see it face off against this death deck that is leveled up. Cursed Windeku with his thorns, is usually a tricky opponent.

Round 1 starts off and I get the advantage that I want that is to get my blows in before my opponent who is much faster than my team. This isn't helped by his Supply Runner buffing his team further! A fatal error in this ruleset.

Venari Bonesmith falls first and the Cursed Windeku gets stunned! Game On!


Round 2 starts off with my attack going first again which is a great advantage to have. First Cursed Windeku falls, followed by the quick (or slow in this case) Supply Runner.

Things are looking pretty good. The main threat seems to be Dhampir Stalker who is taking out some big chunks with his 4 attack and perfect aim!


Round 3 starts off with Shadow Snitch in the tank position for my opponent. He immediately gets attacked and falls swiftly, leaving my opponent severly weakened.

Dhampir Stalker does manage to take out my tank Septic Slime finally and he is my first casualty. With his buffed health score, Parasetic Growth steps up to the tank position.

ROUND 4 & 5

It is now pretty much over and a formality for the win.


The Reverse Speed ruleset is fun to play but you need to pay attention to the other rulesets too. If legendaries could be played, I would have likely played the awesome Grum Flameblade who is slow but great abilities and health scores.

Remember not to speed buff your team with the summoner or monster like Supply Runner here. This tips the advantage in your opponents favor.

How do you play the Reverse Speed ruleset?

Thanks for reading.


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