Splinterlands Battle Mage - Noxious Fumes

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This week we have the new Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge with the ruleset Noxious Fumes.

The Noxious Fumes ruleset is a ruleset that is a lot like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I am in the latter camp but am learning to live with it as it does spice things up a tad.

Some obvious tactics with this ruleset are to use monsters with the immunity or cleanse abilities. It could be worth to consider the dispel ability to remove any positive status effects, but I dont remember it removing the cleanse ability yet.

Other possibilities are to consider monsters with high mana scores and heal abilities. Self heal abilities are probably more reliable. The life deck seems a good deck for staying alive the longest for me usually.

In today's battle, we have a high mana battle and I take on Quora Towershead. How will it work out?

Let's check this week's battle.

My Team

This is a high mana battle with aim true and fire and regret rulesets.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
Mother KhalaHealth buff
Imperial KnightHeal and magic shield
Uriel the Purifier Heal
Adelade BrightwingImmunity and resurect
Djinn RenovaHeal
Drybone RaiderShatter and double strike
IziarTriage and void magic

My opponents

Summoner/ Monster
Legionnaire Alvar
Arkemis the Bear
Pelacor Mercenary
Fungus Flinger
Quora Towershead
Mycelic Slipspawn


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ROUND 1 - Legionnaire Alvar vs - Imperial Knight

This is a high mana battle with some big hitters involved and my biggest concern initially is how to take down Quora Towershead.

I always try to make sure I have some monster with shatter ability in these high mana battles as it can derail my opponents who may use those high magic shield monsters and this match was no different.

In the first round our triage monsters do their jobs but Mycelic Slipspawn is looking about to fall.

This is a good start, although Quora buffs herself to hell.


Round 2 gets underway and Slipspawn falls to the poison and my attack gets concentrated on Legionnaire Alvar. He takes a pummeling and Drybone Raider whom I recently pulled another copy of, shatters his shield once and for all.

With 2 monsters down, can Quora salvage this one for my opponent? (Hint: No).

ROUND 3 & 4

Round 3 starts off with Quora getting a nice buff and Arkemis weakening Imperial Knights attack... Game on!

Arkemis has no fight left in him though and is the next to fall. Up steps Pelacor Mercenary. He takes a battering and is the next to drop in round 4.

ROUND 5 & 6

Up steps Quora herself and is she ready to take on the whole team? Uriel didn't do anything yet and is waiting to fight!

I take my first loss, Drybone Raider falls but is resurrected. Quora is looking very strong but is severely weakened in round 5, but is still standing.

Round 6 starts and Quora is easily overwhelmed.

It's all over.


The Noxious Funes ruleset can be a case of just staying alive as long as you can and lert the poison pick off your opponent. Therefore, the strongest attack isn't always the most important thing.

A good combination of healing and immunity can go a long way. There is nothing more satisfying that picking off a team with Quora Towershead in.

How do you play the Noxious Fumes ruleset?

Thanks for reading.


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