Splinterlands Battle Mage - Close Range

Hello Splinterfans!

This week we have the new Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge with the ruleset Close Range.


Last week we had the ruleset that was a nightmare for all Sloan fans and this week we have a ruleset that many Sloan fans will love.

Close range allows you to play your ranged attack monsters in the first position and therefore to not have to worry that you have enough melee or magic attack in front of them before they cannot attack anymore.

For Sloan fans like me, it means that you can use MORE ranged attack than usual. 😀

On to this week's battle.

My Team

This is a low mana battle and I am going to go for Sloan with his ranged attack buff.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
SloanRanged attack buff
Pelacor ConjurerLow mana cost, flying and reflect ability
Soul Fiend0 cost cannon fodder
Venari CrystalsmithRanged attack and heal
Pelacor ArbalestRanged double strike ability

My opponents

Summoner/ Monster
Thaddius Brood
Cursed Windeku
Corpse Fiend
Ravenhood Warden
Wierding Warrior

The rules for the battle are:


Lost MagicMonsters with magic attack may not be used in battles
Close RangeRanged attacks may be used in the first place in battles
Are You Not Entertained?One additional Gladiator card may be used in battles


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ROUND 1 - Pelacor Conjurer vs. Cursed Windeku


My opponent has gone for the death splinter and Cursed Windeku as his tank. This is to assume that I would use a melee attack against him. This is generally a good idea to play, especially with his heal and thorns ability.

However, it would have been better if he had played Quix the Devious against me to debuff my ranged attack.

It is lucky for me that I have a non-attacking monster in the tank position so that he doesn't get hurt from the thorns of the Cursed Windeku. He also has a fast speed at 5.

In round 1, there are a few misses against my tank because of his wings and fast speed. Cursed Windeku however takes some big blows but is still standing, albeit severly weakened.


Round 2 is the beginning of the end for my opponent, the Cursed Windeku falls badly with my very strong ranged attack and my tank doesn't even take a scratch yet.

The first ranged monster steps up into the tank position for my opponent.



In round 3, the ranged attack of my enemy continues to miss due to slow speed and flying ability of my tank. With only 2 health, he falls quickly too. It is looking dire for my opponent and my ranged attack didn't even get in the first position yet.



It is all over in round 4 as the last 2 enemy monsters fall and my opponent doesn't have any answer to my ranged attack onslaught.


The close range ruleset can come in very handy to use Sloan to his full potential but you also need to be weary of Quix the Devious debuffing you. If you are looking for some ranged and melee attack to play in the first position, War Chang could be a good option.

How do you play the close range ruleset?

Thanks for reading.


The title image was created in Canva with images from ha11ok / Pixabay
Screenshots and characters are taken from Splinterlands.

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