Share Your Battle - Pelacor Arbalest

Hi Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

Pelacor Arbalest can be a real thorn in my side if I don't take care of him with enough sneak attack or with Quix the Devious. I specifically needed to rent Quix to ensure I could take down Pelacor Arbalest in some tricky situations.

Life is probably my third strongest deck, but I still don't feel so comfortable playing it.

I have got a gold foil Pelacor Arbalest to play with. At only around $2,50, it is a pretty good value gold foil to add to your collection. Anyone playing Sloan will need him.

My Team

I was often just using Shieldbearer up front as my direct tank, but I saw I was still losing quite often. Therefore, first I prefer to put a nice decoy up front to take a few blows before the Shieldbearer comes in.

He should also take a few hits on the second row ahead of my other cards who are quite vulnerable.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
General SloanA level 2 summoner, for extra ranged attack
Pelacor ConjurerI have a maxed out Conjurer to take some blows as decoy in the tank position
ShieldbearerMy tank in waiting
Venari CrystalsmithMy healer
Pelacor ArbalestMan of the hour with his double attack strike
Stitch LeechA strong attack to flank Arbalest


The rules for the battle are:

Snail - monsters speeds are reversed.

Rise of the Common - only common and rare monsters can be used

Watch the Battle

My plan to have a decoy in the tank position was good. With the Cursed Windek of my opponent, that could have done real damage to Shieldbearer.

You can see after just one round that Pelacor Arbalest is deadly and almost wiped out single-handedly Cursed Windek who doesn't look such a threat anymore.

After just the second round, you can see that it's all over. They have lost their whole team almost, there is no coming back from this!!!

I am proved right, their last man is promptly wiped out and victory is assured!


Pelacor Arbalest is deadly when used with Sloan. The double attack when it works in your favor, is a dream to behold. With the recent price drop, I bought another 10 gold foils... every team needs one.

Thanks for reading.


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