Investing in Splinterlands

Playing Splinterlands can get very addictive. There is a lot to learn about the gameplay and the many card combinations. Then there are the increased earnings the higher up the leagues that you climb.

To climb the leagues you need to gain enough collection power for the league you want to play in.

I have just over 200k CP and can play up to Diamond I in the modern league but my deck would not get me there I think! Getting diamond chests should give me increased legendary and gold chances.

I have however been enjoying playing more and more in wild with the many more cards available and combinations that you can use. With 200k CP I can play to the maximum only Gold I which is a step up from last season as I only had enough CP for Gold II and although should have progressed, couldn't because of this lack of CP. I could have rented a few cards for CP to tide me over maybe.

Although I finished in Diamond III last season in modern, perhaps this season I might stay in Gold I and collect gold chests next season. I am not noticing huge differences within the leagues, it really is hit-and-miss in both leagues whether you get a good haul or not...

To get my CP up this season, I have upgraded a few more common cards to max gold foil level and a few others up a few more grades. Some of my investments were:

Hill Giant for $13
Hardy Stonefish $13
Shadow Snitch $12,21
Radiated Scorcher $10,33
Gargoya Scrapper $9,750
and Ever Hungry Soul.

I also tried to upgrade some non-gold foil cards to maximum level which can also boost the CP.

On the one hand, I tried to upgrade cards that I might use, it also diverted some crypto from buying some "fun" cards that are fun to buy and use.

My other upgrade this season was a Kelya Frendul level 6 that I hope will strengthen my water deck. As we are going through a bear market, the prices of many assets seems to be decreasing and I thought it could be a good time to grab him.


The level 6 Kelya should enable me to compete in Gold I league and play some higher level cards than I could field up until now.

My final investment into Splinterlands this season was to add to my position in the SPS:Swap.Hive liquidity pool that pays out daily SPS tokens. With a 56,38% APR, this seems one of the best investments out there right now.

I would like to increase my stack of SPS as this token may be important in the new upcoming games for Genesis Soccer League and Tower Defense. Therefore, having a good stack and supply of these tokens seems to be a good move imo.

Thanks for reading.


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