Cursed Windeku Flexes His Thorns

Hello Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

This week's battle challenge is with the very thorny Cursed Windeku from the Chaos Legion pack. As you may know that I love thorns and seeing my opponent get a nice sting in return for their attack, and using Cursed Windeku brings me immense pleasure.

I currently have a level 2 gold foil Cursed Windeku, which given the benefits of upgrading, I should really do that to level 3 where you get an extra attack point or level 5 even where the heal ability kicks in.

My Team

This is a low-level mana battle and I have chosen the awesome Dallan as Summoner from the Riftwatchers collection. He is the perfect choice for these low-mana battles where each health point counts.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
DallanDeath Summoner with Cripple ability
Cursed WindekuOur monster of the moment
Life SapperA great life leech ability
Chaos AgentCannon Fodder
Furious ChickenCannon Fodder


My opponents:

The rules for the battle are:

Rise of the CommonsOnly Common and Rare Monsters may be used in battles.

Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

ROUND 1 - Cursed Windeku vs. Deeplurker

The enemy has gone for the water deck led by Kelya Frendul. They have done everything right it looks like. +1 shield and +1 speed will come in very handy and the Ice Pixie and very deadly Deeplurker are likely to cause some serious damage to me. But have they made a mistake with the line up?

The Deeplurker goes for the opportunity attack which is very deadly as it targets my monster with the lowest health first. If that monster has no attack, it can be even more deadly.

After the first 2 rounds, the Deeplurker has picked off both of my cannon fodder distractions.

ROUND 2 & 3

In the meantime, I am targeting their tank as the main thrust of my attack. The attack of Cursed Windeku, even when their tank has enough shield, because of the "cripple" ability from my summoner Dallan, causes their tanks to lose health.

Hardy Stonefish, Ice Pixie and their Chaos Agent are all disposed of in quick order leaving the final face off between Deeplurker and Cursed Windeku.

ROUND 4 & 5

The focus of attack from Deeplurker is diverted from Life Sapper who cannot face another attack (yet) and Cursed Windeku takes up the mantel.

Cursed Windeku reaps havoc

The Deeplurker with its higher attack score and shield should normally be enough to dispose of most opponents. However, Cursed Windeku has some tricks up his sleeve.

The deadly thorns causes Deeplurker to lose 2 health after each attack which severly weakens him. Assisted by Life Sapper, it is too much for the Deeplurker to bear.


Cursed Windeku is a great 6 mana monster that can cause some real damage to opponents with his thorns ability. He can be popular so the trick is to try and use him when you opponents would not expect it.

Combined with Dallan and the cripple ability today, gave his attacks some extra juice. As I used only a level 1 Dallan, he could not take advantage of my level 2 Cursed Windeku because he is a rare monster. Using a level 2 Dallan with a level 3 Cursed Windeku could be an optimal setup with extra attack and health for Cursed Windeku.

Thanks for reading.


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