Battle Challenge - Molten Ash Golem

Hello Splinterfans!

Welcome to my entry for the Share your Battle Weekly Challenge! More details about the challenge can be found here.

This week we have the battle challenge with Molten Ash Golem who is part of the fire deck and a really useful ranged attack monster.

I have him currently at a level 2, but he would be even more handy at level 5 with the "weaken" ability. I have a level 4 Tarsa, but would need at least a level 5 Tarsa to use this rare card monster at level 5.

My Team

This is a mid-level mana attack and I have Grum Flameblade in attack so I know this is going to be a fun battle.

Summoner/ MonsterReason
TarsaFire Summoner
Grum FlamebladeMy tank
Scorch FiendA 0 mana melee attack monster
Xenith MonkA melee attack monster with heal
Serpentine SpyMelee attack with opportunity attack
Molten Ash GolemOur man of the moment
Furious Chicken0 mana cannon fodder


The rules for the battle are:

Fog of War - Snipe and Sneak abilities are gone.
Heavy Hitters - All monsters do double damage when attacking an enemy that is stunned.

Watch the Battle on Splinterlands

Check out my video:


You will need to watch the video to find out the result, but you will see how handy Molten Ash Golem is with his last stand ability and high mana.

Perhaps I should have put Scorch Fiend in the front to allow my Grum Flameblade with his high attack score to do more damage.

Thanks for reading & watching.


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