Splinterlands weekly battle chalenges. ARMORED UP

Hey guys i am back whit my splinterland weekly batlle chalenges for this weeks, this week splinterland chalengging whit armored up ruleset.

Armored up ruleset is one of splinterland ruleset which give monster 2 addition armor in the monster stat batlle, so even if your monster do not have an armor you will get 2 armor if you got this ruleset.

Lest check the battle then:

Ruleset and mana cap

You can see from the picture above if i am get armored up ruleset whit 24 mana cap.whit almost all splinter active except death splinter, which can give me lot of options which splinter i want to use Actually i am in silver but only get one ruleset in this battle, feel so lucky heheheN

For this batle i decide to use water splinter and use keyla as summoner, i choose this splinter and summoners because this summoners can give me 1 more armor and one more speed , so i can get three additional armor and also get one more speed, also in this splinter have few mosnter whit armor ability.

For the firsth position i use this rare card the demonshark an a water splinter card whit 8 mana and life six armor tree melee and fourth speed
Whit this combination beetween and ruleset make this card so strong, so its realy good to put in the firsth position. When battle started this card will get 3 more armor and one more speed, its will be hard for opponent to destroy this monster.

For the second position i use kulu swim Hunter. Kulu swimhunters is a ranged attack card whit ranged ability combied whit 6 life and 3 speed, i use this card to add more damage to my deck, also i put it on second position because to anticipated my tank get killed , this card have high speed so have a good chance enemy will miss the attack.

third position

for the third position i use ranged attack monster whit oppurtunity ability, this monster can used to attack enemy in any position, so using this card whit 4 attack is prety good, this monster also can be used to attack the lowest hp opponent monster, combied whit 3 armor from summoners and ruleset also 1 one more speed make this card so strong in this battle
Fourth position

For the first position i use igor darkspear the monster only whit 2 mana but whit ranged attack ability also have good hp and speed, i expect from this card can used to add damage for opponent monster, also i put it on fourth position is this card is kinda risky to put in another position and this card can be so usefull as back line, that why i use this card in fourth position.

For the five position i use the Legendary card whit 0 MANA, this card is torrent fiend i use this card in bakline to anticipated sneak ability from Opponent, so i use this card to countrr it, also this card the card whit lowest hp in my line up, so its good to anticipated oppurtunity ability from opponent monster, that why i put him in the last position

In the first round
in the first round my monsters get buffs from the ruleset and and from the summoner, as well as my opponent yes get buffs from the ruleset and the summoners

And no mosnter from my side or opponent side die, few of opponent attack got missed when it hit my tank, so it give me good advantage when round 2 started.
As well as round 1, in round 2 no monster get killed so when round 3 started our lineup still complete but whit few mosnyer injured.
In round 3 opponent monster got killed also whit my tank, chaos night and pelacor arbalist get Destroyed in round 3, so there only monstesr left for opponent , also in this round my diemond shark got killed , but i still have 4 monster left.

In the round fourth opponent only have 2 monster left and i have 4 monster. Whit kulu swhimhunter in the front, but it hard for opponent to kill him cause my opponent only have 2 ranged attack left. So then the deep luker attack venary cristal smith only whit one attack and it got killed, so there only pelacor conjuer left, it got hit by combination of deepluker and igor darkspeark and die in round 5

And yeah finnaly i won the game in silver league

yup you can see from my battle above my strategy and my prediction works realy well, i predicted opponent will use life splinter based on his previous battle, so i pick the keyla to get more armor also whit good attack, water splinter is realy good in silver league, that why i am often to use water splinter when i am play, combination between monster and summoners made the line up be realy strong . For the next improvement i need to learn all basic ability and remember all card, or at least chaos legion card.
If you want to see the full match or want to try splinterland games, please check out the link below
And here is my submission for this weekly splinterland battle chalenges it my third post of weekly battle chalenges, so i still trying to improve about writing ,
Thank you for reading my post and see you again in next post,

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