Day 1 Ranked Rewards Results! My Strategy For The Life Focus! How Many Chests Can I Get?


The New ranked rewards system went active today so I wasted no time trying it out on my alt account, Thoogen.

I kept Thoogen in Bronze1 last season because I wanted to test the new system in Bronze first. Since Focus and Season points are so heavily tied to win rate my theory is that Thoogen might be better off just DOMINATING bronze rather than doing just okay in Silver.

I give my alt account some support through card delegations but overall I don't want it to be a drain on my main account so I didn't go as crazy as I could have with the gold foils but things still worked out pretty well overall.

If you haven't read my guide on the New Ranked Rewards System you can find it here.


I rented a Gold Foil Lorna Shine and basically spammed her every game. The other GF's I delegated from my main account.


Some of them I never even used but the Pelacor Conjurer, Stitch Leach, and Chaos Agent are pretty easy to include and the bonuses add up! I wish I had a GF Soul Fiend as the 0 mana cards see a lot of work in all those low mana Bronze battles but at 37 DEC I couldn't pull the trigger though for testing purposes I wish I would have.


I wasted 2 DEC on a regular foil Lorna before I came to my senses and got the GF. I also grabbed Chanseus The Great but Bronze is so low mana I only used him in two games, I'd probably skip him next time.


Here's the rest of what I sent to my Alt for this daily focus. At first, I hated the idea of only having one Splinter to play and thought it'd be repetitive but it's actually kind of nice because you can just load up on Life cards and Life is always available so from a rental / delegation perspective it's actually really efficient.


Since I was going to be spamming life every game, I wanted to have 3 distinctly different strategies.

The first strategy is a sneak heavy team with Silvershield Knight (Inspire) and the sneak monsters Feral Spirit, Stitch Leach, Uraeus, Silver Shield Assassin, and Sandworm. Celestial Harpy would usually be on this team as another low mana opportunity melee monster.

The second strategy is magic focused and there's a couple reasons for that. First, if my opponent sees a sneak line up every time, they're going to be able to counter it fairly easily and second, magic targets the front line so if they do try to counter sneak, their efforts will be totally wasted.

The third team is a repair / tank heal heavy strategy where you take a beefy tank like Alvar or Uriel and just keep him healed and repaired till we take out the other team. I don't have Shieldbearer but it works really well with him too since he has taunt and they have to focus your tank.




Link To The Battle Here!

Since this one has the Target Practice Rule I put Pelacor Conjurer in the second position with the SilverShield Knight in front. Soul Fiends in the back for sneak defense but it wasn't necessary this time.



Link To The Battle Here

With a bit more mana we can upgrade Celestial Harpy to Silvershield Assassin, otherwise the team is mostly the same.

NOTE - I played Lensmaster a LOT in all of these teams, to get a card with 1 ranged attack for 1 mana is almost impossible and with Divine Shield he can still eat 2 hits.



Link To The Battle Here!

Here I use Legionnaire Alvar with double repairs. Since he has void armor, as long as you can keep his armor up he can't be so easily removed. Stitch Leach takes care of the backline and then Grum can't get through the repairs on his own.



Link To The Battle Here!

This time I use Uriel with a double tank heal strategy. This keeps him alive just long enough to blast the Unicorn Mustang down and we're able to stabilize and heal him back up.



Link To The Battle Here!

In this one I use a combination double tank healer on Uriel with magic damage to take down a Llama Kron Team.



Link To The Battle Here!

Here's what the magic team can look like at a low mana point. The Pelacor Conjurer is still your ideal low mana tank, I probably could have put the Soul Fiend in the front now that I'm looking at it.

Dax, Light Elemental, and Temporal Master are decent options given their respective mana costs.




Early on, before I got to the max 999 rating in Bronze1, I was getting 604 SP/FP, even with a nice win streak bonus, some gold cards, and my guild bonus. I'm starting to suspect that my hunch for staying in Bronze to dominate was the right call.



Here you can see that even though my Energy Capture Rate is a little lower, in Bronze 1 with 924 rating I'm up to 1,194 RP. Obviously my win streak is larger here but it shouldn't double the RP earned so this goes to show you how important it is to be near the top of your chosen league.



This new Reward system is crazy! I'm up to 22 chests for the season and it's literally only been one day of playing! For the Daily Focus, I got to 12 chests! Unfortunately the 21 hours haven't passed yet so I can't show you guys what's in them but so far this is amazing!!!

I drained my ECR to 74.42% and will let it recharge to 99% before doing tomorrow's Daily Focus. I can't believe I'll be going from 1 chest per day to 12 on that account! Even if the Bronze chests aren't that great it's still a lot of chances at SOMETHING.

And tomorrow I'll already be at 999 rating, I won't have to climb out of Bronze 3 and Bronze 2 so I think I'll get even more than 12 next time!

Season wise I'm guessing things will start to slow down but I can't wait to see how many chests I can get from that as well! 22 in the first day is a good sign that I'll be able to get quite a lot by the end of it!


I had more fun playing Ranked on my alt today than I've ever had on that account. Normally it's just a chore to get my daily done, open one chest, and then get a potion or like 2 credits. It just felt like a waste of time and honestly I often ignored that account for ranked, only playing tournaments and doing brawls on it.

I'm extremely happy with the new system so far and I feel like it really rewards you for playing well while maximizing bonuses from gold foil cards and the like.

How did you all do on your first day? Do you like the changes as much as I do or not so much?

Thanks for reading my update and mini guide to the Life Splinter Focus. Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this for different splinters!

If you have any questions about my strategies or the new ranked rewards system feel free to ask in the comments!


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