Unlocked Bronze Leagues for both Modern & Wild Battle Formats

The present Splinterlands season is ending in about 17 hours but I am glad to have received two special awards as a novice player. I successfully unlocked the Bronze III leagues for both Modern and Wild battle formats.

I am excited about my growth in the splinterlands gameplay and it only gets more exciting each day. The awards were unlocked after about 35 battles played (16 Modern battles and 19 Wild battles). The differences between these battle formats is a story for another day. However, the two battle formats are entirely two different worlds each with its taste of experience, fun and challenges.

Below are the summaries of the statistics for each battle format. My total battles in the Modern format stands at 69 while that of the wild format is 19. I registered 5 wins in each format and it was interesting though fierce. I still find it hard to believe that Modern battles are fiercer than the Wild, but my ranking shows that my rating score of 118 in Modern battle format places me at the 17,694 rank against that of the Wild battle format where I am ranked 116,238.

The course of engaging these 35 battles this season and from both battle formats has help me discover some great monster units that are gems which I did not know. How sweet is it that I will not just be using one summoner or one set of monster units, but now have options even with the same Summoner.

Just like in football, I now have about 2 squads of favourite monster units in the Earth splinter category. It is becoming more exciting and interesting as I make these discoveries and widen my knowledge about the splinterlands game.

With this development, I am sure that year 2023 would be big and full of awards as I step up my strategy of engagement of the splinterlands game. Finishing the season's battles at Bronze League III is a bog win for me even though there are no SPS rewards yet at this level.

Starting the next Season tomorrow, I would be pressing unto having a taste of Bronze League II and respectively and on both battle formats.

Indeed, I can say that Splinterlands game is full of variety to accommodate every class of player. Please share in my joy and send some love for this massive win.

Thanks to everyone sharing their investment experiences in Splinterlands. They are a great guide for me.

Splinterlands has become my new found Gaming Addiction.

Who's in to join me as we make big fun that takes you to the bank each day, week, month? Start splinterlands here.

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