Starting Splinterlands From Scratch

Since a very long time I have had a second Hive account that I used for things like Actifit and what not. A few days ago I decided to start playing Splinterlands with this account to see how far I can make it over time. The goal is to not have any funds added to this account and slowly build my deck of cards.

So far I got some loot from last season and some quests that I completed. Here's an overview of what I got in the account at the moment:

From the last quest I finished:



From last season I got the following:


It will take a very very long time before I would make some serious momentum. But well, I like the game, I have time, slow and steady wins the race.

As I started roughly around the beginning of the year, it will be fun to see where I will be next Christmas :-)

Happy battlin' folks!

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