Season's Ending -- Packs Cards and SPS

After ending with a surplus of funds while doing my monthly finances, I decided to get myself some fifteen more card packs. While I previously owned 10 unopened pack, this means I more than doubled the amount of packs owned. Each unopened pack accounts for about 300 airdrop points. You can see that nicely counts towards my daily airdrops! The underlying goal, of course, is to collect as much SPS and Vouchers before the airdrops end in a couple of months.

To make the whole ordeal a bit more exciting I decided to open one of the packs together with a few potions. Although I drew a rare card, it wasn't a top pick:


The rest of the packs I keep closed for future me to deal with. Hopefully they will be worth more one day, let's wait and see!

End of The Season

This week also another season of battles ended. On my main account I collected another two cards!


On my secondary account, which I'm building up completely from scratch, I was less fortunate, only potions and some credit this time. I wish the loots were switched between my accounts :-)


For this season the strategy is as always, play when I feel like and slowly pull some quest chests.

How's your SPS and card deck growth going?

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