Play to Earn: Season's Ending and Leveling Up in Risingstar

This week another season of #Splinterlands has ended. While not playing too many challenges, I managed to get up to bronze-II level and got myself 7 chests.

Luckily this time, there were some nice cards in it. Even the rare Naga Assassin! I used this card already a bit in battles and must say that it's quite a handy one to have in my deck!


On my build from scratch playing account, I worked myself up to bronze level III. Somehow with a basic deck, I couldn't manage to get up any higher this season. Nevertheless, I did get some chests and they included another card! All quite minor, but still its growth!


For next season I would really like to play up to higher levels to earn som DEC and some more chests. Let's see how that will go!

I also played quite a bit of #Risingstargame. Here I am now in between level 45 and 55. Once I reach 55, I can finally play missions which get me 1000 starbits each. This will quite significantly increase my Starbit gains!

At the moment, I typically sell off all my starbits to buy other assets in via hive-engine. When I get closer to level 55, I'll start saving the Starbits to buy some needed cards during that stage of the game.


Although I don't always have the time to play these games, I try to do it randomly during the week. It's fun, and it increases my gains in the Hive ecosphere. A win-win!

Which play2earn games are you playing?

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