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Legend has it that five centuries past, a dark curse befell the vampires Mortas and Nisha because they roosted together as bats in the ruined Church of Hāleġ. The next night, when Mortas transformed back into his human form, he couldn’t find his love anywhere within the old, ruined building. His search became frantic. He overturned benches and threw aside great slabs of fallen masonry. Even when he rang upon the old church bell, she didn’t appear. He walked out into the cold night air, and it was there that he watched as a lone bat took flight from the belfry and flew away into the nearby woods, never to be seen again.

Some speak of this legend around their fires, saying that the pair should never have entered hallowed ground. Others whisper that such a coupling should be forbidden, as folklore says that vampires must not be tempted into carnal desire whilst in their animal forms, for this is sacrilege of the highest order and even vampires must adhere to the holy texts. Regardless of rumor, what was certain on that dark night, was that Mortas lost his one true love and had no knowledge of the deadly species of bat that would be spawned from that curse.

Since that terrible time, Vampire Bats have cursed the land. Large, fell beasts that descend upon unwary folk and animals alike, enveloping them in their great wings and feeding upon their blood. These creatures have been known to both strike as solitary hunters, and to work as a pack, corralling their prey into a corner before they move in to feast.
“Have you seen ‘em?” the young farmhand spluttered as he ran into the barn and started to push the large door closed.

“Seen what, Jasper Cray? This isn’t another one of your tricks to avoid feeding the pigs, is it?” a girl crossed her arms and frowned at him.

Jasper turned and put his back to the door, pushing with his legs until it had shut. “No Annie, it ain’t. There’s fell creatures abroad tonight. I seen ‘em with my own eyes.”

“You’re a poor liar, Jasper. You should be ashamed of yourself, making someone else do your chores for you. What would your father say?” she berated him.

“No, listen to me, I’m not lying. There’re bats out there. Not normal ones though, big’uns with nasty fangs in their mouths and eyes as red as a devil’s. They’re nearly as big as your pony, I swear it!”

“Bah, get out of my way you stupid boy. There’ll be no supper for us until those pigs are fed,” Annie pushed past him and started to open the door.

“Don’t!” Jasper cried. “They’ll eat us.”

Annie glared back at him and shook her head with a tut, before slipping between the open door and disappearing outside. Moments later her screams rent the air and Jasper dropped to his knees, as tears trickled down his face.



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