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Given the Chaos Legion’s superior strength and numbers, the Riftwatchers needed to find other advantages if they were to have any hope of one day standing against them. Thus, over the years, they developed runic devices and techno-magic to chronicle the Legion’s tactics and strategies.

One such device is the clockwork amulet.

Time Meddlers use this amulet to apply what they’ve learned of the Chaos Legion on the battlefield, briefly stepping outside the flow of time to dodge an enemy’s attack or strike back against them.
The Riftwatchers raced across the battlefield, which was littered with broken war machines and the corpses of the fallen. Before them, the Chaos Legion’s archers stood at the head of the enemy’s column. Soon, they would launch volley after volley of arrows. Next, the frontline troops would march forth. The time meddler had trained for this very moment, and he knew their tactics well.

The archers raised their bows, and a hail of arrows arched through the air. The time meddler slid beneath a ruined trebuchet as the arrows fell around him. His allies raised their shields. Some cried out in pain and fell. One arrow pierced the time meddler’s shoulder, and he gasped, wincing in pain. He grasped the amulet hanging around his neck, and its gears and cogs turned. The arrow wrested itself free and flew back to the archer who had fired it. The projectile struck the man in the chest, and he toppled backward.

The time meddler hauled himself to his feet and raced on.

A series of warcries went up. The Chaos Legion’s frontline troops charged, and the Riftwatchers met them head on with a terrible ringing of steel. A legionnaire fought through their ranks, swinging her axe and cutting down all who stood in her way. Her gaze fell on the time meddler, and she charged. Once again, the time meddler grasped his amulet. The legionnaire swung her axe. The time meddler stepped nimbly to one side. The blade found only empty air.

The legionnaire reversed her swing. This time, the time meddler was not quite fast enough, but the wound was shallow. He used his amulet to reverse the attack. The legionnaire stumbled back as blood trickled down her brow.

She narrowed his eyes and hefted his axe. The time meddler gripped the clockwork amulet, planted his feet, and readied for a fight.



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