Chaos Legion...a real CHAOS?


Hi guys. I don't know about you but I am quite dissatisfied with this Chaos Legion. And considering that I usually say what I like about Splinterlands...because I like the game, I decided to also share with you some of the things I don't quite like...

As I have already said, we play Splinterlands and we love the game, but still, I wanted things more organised in the Chaos Legion...Ironic, ha? šŸ˜…

Let me tell you what bothers me:

  • packs in pre-sale are said to be more expensive than those in the general sale
    Pre-sales are now the new finance trick on the market...???

  • characters are unlocked, no rewards are given at all...or yet???
    Airdrops are searching for the best candidates or something...

  • a great number of packs will be left out of the general sale for guild and bulk buys.
    Why is it that necessary and are these packs more special than others...???

  • if you don't invest a lot in the Chaos Legion you don't have considerable advantages
    No rewards for poor people...???

So, I guess Chaos Legion was able to make some chaos in the minds of some gamers...

[or maybe that was the intention...hahah]


And before connecting the dots...let's play another SL game to ease our pain...

Next time I will make myself GOLD and hope to see a major difference...

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