Battle of Armors - Enjoying my Djinn Chwala


Hi everyone!
I want to share with you one of the battles I enjoyed lately.

As you can see, we had 99 Mana rule, so incredible possibilities of gaming for both sides.

However, both me and my opponent chose +1 Armor Summoners, only that my opponent went with Tyrus Paladium Life Summoner and I chose Drake of Arnak with Fire cards.

Except I had a Gold Lava Launcher, I am usually very satisfied with my Djinn Chwala because of its Thorn incredible ability against Melee attacks. It also comes along with a great level of Life and Armor and with decent Melee power and speed. So yes, I do prefer it and lately, I have chosen Drake of Arnak just to use this card.

Also, my enemy was not that inspired to use Taunt in the third position whereas I used Blast ability.

So, it was a victorious battle for me despite the Intensified Melee, Taunt, and Opportunity Ability among my opponent's cards.

You can watch the battle right here


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