Splinterlands - Using Lava Spider (Share Your Battle)


I believe this is the first Chaos card that is used in share your battle post. I like using the Lava Spider and the following battle is one example of why I like the card.



The match is limited to 26 mana and rule sets Heal Out and Spreading Fury. There is also limited splinters allowed in battle, all but water and dragon can not be used in battle.

In my formation I started went with fire because of the low mana. I started off with Living Lava followed up with Fineas Rage, Goblin Shaman, Kobold Miner, Creepy Ooze and ending with Lava Spider. I had a full mix of melee, magic, and range attack however most monsters were melee attack.

My opponent went with earth splinter and lead off with Unicorn Mustang followed by Queen Mycelia, Mushroom Seer, Wood Nymph, Khmer Princess, and ending with Fungus Fiend. My opponent appears to be focus on attacking with magic monsters while also using Unicorn to defend against magic.

Round 1


The end of round 1 it came down to 6 against 5 with me slight lead. Fungus Fiend is knock out but their tanker in Unicorn was down to 1 health. On the flip side my tanker Lava is down to 3 health.

Round 2


At the end of the second round the formations have changed a lot. My opponent was down to two monsters and both were at 1 health. I still had four monsters.

Round 3


The third round went out with a bang and quick. It was end of the battle with my Goblin Shaman having the last attack.


The Lava Spider was a good supplement in assisting in the attacks. However it did not really do much damage since range attack is 1. The key to my victory was more in the solid tankers in Lava and Fines Rage. In addition I had more abilities against my opponent and all my monsters besides Lava Spider were at higher level than my opponent.

Anyways if you are interested in watching the battle see link below:

Battle Link Here

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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