Splinterlands - Tide On Bots Turning?

Currently in gold league there appears to be an abundant amount of bot accounts trying to brute force their way to wins. The main reason for such action being take is likely due to the most recent news from Splinterlands regarding Energy Capture Rate (ECR).


The jest of it is ECR % of yielding rewards will be removed and players are limited to at most 50 matches in a day and have to pay DEC in order to get up to 100 matches a day. The recharge rate is 25 battles a day allowing players to play through a bunch of matches without having opportunity lose in earning rewards while also limiting them from battling excessively.

This change will result in bots unable to play more than 50 battles in a day. So bots are being played right now to gather as much of the pool rewards now before the ECR changes take into effect.

We can see just the explosion of Modern battles have taken place over the past few days and before then the Wild.

Seeing the Modern bronze league top leader board and realize a lot of the top accounts are actually bots is not ideal. New players joining are having to go through bots and seeing how bots have taken over the reward pools in the league. This will be last of it assuming what I believe in the latest ECR update is going to work.

Personal Best Peformance

Meanwhile having to play with bots the past couple of days have been extremely successful for me.

I do not remember ever having such a long streak of win in as much as 41 and that I am yielding 20 and 17 daily focus chests for the past two days. The timing of Splinterland's news on ECR update to the increasing bot battles I am having could not have been in a better time. So just like bots I feel I need to play more in the final days of the season and manually brute force my way to a ton of wins LOL.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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