Splinterlands - The Trading Game

There are times when prices of assets goes up and down so fast that one can do quick trades to make a quick buck. That is why some of us like trading in cryptocurrency, where there are highly volatile. Where there is volatility there is potential arbitrage to be made.

In the past couple of days we so crypto tokens rising and falling pretty rapidly. For instance DEC at a time would be worth $0.00058 only to go to $0.00064 momentarily. Now currently it is back closer to $0.00058. How can one take advantage of this volatility?

Spending DEC

In times where DEC price rises even if its temporary and I have the luck to be seeing it I would go to the card open markets to see if I can snag a bargain. Over at the open market the price of cards are based on $ value instead of DEC. So when DEC temporary rises that would mean I need to spend less DEC to make the purchase.

Trading Tokens

Another option to take advantage of the price swing is to trade in and out of DEC to earn more Hive or DEC. For example two days ago 1 DEC was trading for around 0.0018 Hive. In a matter of 24 hours it drop to 1 DEC being 0.0015 Hive. If I had converted Hive into DEC the day prior and now sell my DEC for Hive I would end up having more Hive! The swing in price may not look a lot on an aggregate, but 0.0015 / 0.0018 is close to a 17.5% price difference. Swap in and out of these assets for those kind of % differences consistently would yield massive profits.

Trading Is Apart Of The Game

Often we focus mainly on the battles when it comes to Splinterlands. Yet if we look outside of battles there are other ways to earn more just by watching how people buy and sell Splinterlands assets. We can even arbitrage Splinterlands assets during volatile times.

For instance Chaos packs dropped in value just the past 24 hours to as low as 4.6 Hive only to rise to 5.2 Hive. Imagine being able to time it correctly and buy some packs at 4.6 Hive and then sell it for 5.2 Hive?

The goal is to earn more whether we are playing battles for winning rewards or to trade Splinterlands assets / tokens for arbitrage. All these methods are part of activities we can perform in this game.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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