Splinterlands - The End To Chaos?

It is interesting to watch how quickly the final Chaos packs are going off the shelves. I am not sure if the 25k packs burned daily is still applicable considering we only have less than 120k packs left. All in all we will no longer have packs to purchase in game by next week. What a remarkable demand it is for Splinterlands even after all these years of gameplay.

My Brief History of Series

I have played since the Alpha edition came out and through the years have seen steady growth and demand for Splinterland assets. Nothing more valuable than the cards themselves when it came to game play.

Meanwhile with each new edition came better gaming experience. For instance the move from Alpha to Beta mostly introduced players to neutral cards and legendary summoners. While the transition of Beta to Untamed was a whole new spectrum of combos. What came after that is what we see today in Chaos.

Out of all the editions in my opinion Chaos appears to be the strongest relatively speaking. When comparing each edition on its own Chaos just seems to be in its own level. I for one have personally felt the wrath of Chaos cards plenty of time when playing with Alphas. I am often annihilated.

My Focus on Chaos Cards

I will likely hoard my Chaos packs that I won in focus chests but beyond that mostly be purchasing cards over the market. Unfortunately for me I have a ways to go with purchasing enough cards to have a max Chaos set.

Base on Splintercards.com I need a staggering $4300 investment in order to achieve a max Chaos set. Will that day come soon? Probably not. Meanwhile it is still great to see how players are snatching up all the packs as we are near the final stages of another end to a great edition.

Up Next Rebellion

Not a lot of details are out yet beyond a few Eye Candies for Rebellion, but I do not doubt Splinterlands will bring on some exciting new features with the new edition.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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